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Bird Grit

Product description

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Product description

Supplementary food from beaphar to aid your bird’s digestive process. Helps to grind down food in the stomach. With grit, ground shells and charcoal.
Most tame birds need grit to aid healthy digestion.
A bird’s stomach is made up of two parts: a glandular stomach where whole grains are pre-digested with enzymes and a muscular stomach or gizzard where the pre-digested food is ground up. The tiny stones which your bird swallows act like mill stones and turn the food into fine, digestible particles. Grit is a vital part of your pet’s diet. Birds do not have teeth so they need grit to help digest their food.


Oyster shells (82.1 %), grit (16.3 %), charcoal (1.6 %).
  • Inorganic grit consists of small, angular stones which your bird needs to pulverise seeds in its stomach. The grit is normally excreted as part of the digestion process so your bird will need a constant supply.
  • Limestone (oyster shell) provides valuable calcium which birds needs for healthy bones and to strengthen the eggshell.
  • Charcoal(activated carbon) absorbs toxins and helps to regulate stomach acid.

Analytical constituents

calcium 32.0 %


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