Rope Coil

Size S: approx. 60cm (L), cord diameter 15mm
: 5/5
Toy and seating spot for birds and other small pets, from cotton, for hanging from the cage, in coil shape. Ideal for climbing and for three-dimensional cage design....further information
Product description
Rope Coil
Rope Coil
Rope Coil
Rope Coil
Rope Coil
Rope Coil
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Product description

Toy and seating spot for birds and other small pets, from cotton, for hanging from the cage, in coil shape. Ideal for climbing and for three-dimensional cage design.

This cotton coil is an attractive alternative to conventional perches. It can be hung from the top of the cage with a screw and have its length varied by twisting the wire core. The coil features a bell at the bottom for playing.
The colour may differ from illustration!

Make sure you pick the perfect size of Rope Coil for your pet bird, by using our sizing guide below. Exact measurements may vary but use this as a guide for choosing your bird the new perfect distraction!
Size Guide:

  • Size S:
    • Dimensions in product photo (may vary): approx. diameter 16cm x L 60cm
    • Cord thickness: approx. diameter 15mm
    • Total (max. extended cord length incl. hanger and bell): approx. 150cm
    • Bell: diameter 3.2cm x L 2.5cm
    • Suitable for: budgies & blossom-headed parakeets
  • Size M:
    • Dimensions in product photo (may vary): approx. diameter 19cm x L 70cm
    • Cord thickness: approx. diameter 24mm
    • Total (max. extended cord length incl. hanger and bell): approx. 190cm
    • Bell: diameter 4.7cm x L 3.5cm
    • Suitable for: cockatiels, Alexandrine parakeets & Amazons
  • Size L:
    • Dimensions in product photo (may vary): approx. diameter 24cm x L 80cm
    • Cord thickness: approx. diameter 30mm
    • Total (max. extended cord length incl. hanger and bell): approx. 250cm
    • Bell: diameter 6.2cm x L 4.7cm
    • Suitable for: macaws, cockatoos & African Greys
Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
Love these ropes
I absolutely love these ropes. They come in different sizes, perfect for the cage and around the house. I wind one around my parrot stands to give more height and more comfortable perching to my kakariki, as the perches on most parrot stands are too thick for her little feet. The best thing is how much my parrot loves them. I love watching her run up and down the ropes. Zooplus has them at a really good price as well.
: 5/5
Excellent rope coil
My parrots Alfie & Sofie love this rope coil they play on it for hours, well worth the money.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Ratties love to play and climb this
I use this almost as a spiral staircase between the levels of the ratties' cage and they have no problems using it. It can hold the weight of my full grown adult male rats (one of whom is very big) and is great to encourage climbing and exercise.
: 5/5
Bought for guinea pigs, Rory & Dexter
My piggies love this. I leave it coiled and my boys wiggle through it chuckling away with delight. They love to ring the bell for service and being a dutiful slave, I of course see to their nutritional or cuddling needs. I do tend to take the rope out at night when their slave is off duty so I don't have to keep hearing them ring the bell :-) My boys haven't chewed the rope at all, it'll last them a very long time.
Originally published in
: 5/5
My cockatiel has decided that's where she wants to be all day.
: 5/5
Rope coil .. Fantastic... Birds love it !!!!!
I have two budgies, one is very cautious about everything but this he loves.. It is very well made and a fantastic price!! I would highly recommend it ...
: 5/5
green cheek approved
I was considering getting the medium size incase the smaller size was too small but it's a perfect size for my conure, also a great value for money and worth every penny
05/08/15|Ger IRL
: 5/5
great product for a great price
Got the large one for my jenday conures perch.It is massive and very durable. Enzo enjoys hanging upside down on it and jumping from spiral to spiral. He discovered the bell after a day or two and likes to give it a good beaking from time to time.A must have parrot perch for parrot owners.
29/06/15|Simon Williams
: 5/5
She loves it! (Budgie)
Never has a toy been so successful. She spends most of her time on it and never tires of being swung on it. It makes up for all the other toys that were shunned.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Good game!
Our two budgies spend ages on this coil, running up and down, often chasing each other. We hang tassels and toys etc. down the middle and they love to sit chewing them. It helps them to make full use of the cage height too.
: 5/5
I got the medium sized spiral for my two rats which is perfect, they haven't used it yet as I just put it in a hour ago but the product is really good quality and im sure will provide my rats with lots of fun and entertainment. Another fabulous product from Zooplus.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Happy Budgies :-)
I have three budgies and they spend hours on the rope coil. I bought the smallest size which is perfect for them. This item is very sturdy and well made, it's good value for the money.
: 5/5
Good value
I bought the largest one of these for my two blue and gold macaws. One of them is nervous of it but the other one loves it and swings on it all the time. Good value, although the bell didn't last very long - but they never do!
: 5/5
Hours of fun!
My cockatiels love sitting on this, they can spend hours chewing, climbing and swinging on it. You can adjust the length by stretching the coils as it is very flexible. My birds love to play with the good sized bell which is attached.
: 5/5
Great item for birds
I bought this for my little budgies and have been sat on it for over an hour going up and down since i placed it in. Definatly a good item and i bought 2 more for a canary and cockatiel since it's such a hit.
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