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JR Birds Individual Lovebird/African Parrot Food

Product description

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Product description

JR Birds Individual Lovebird/African Parrot Food is a premium complete diet for these affectionately named “dwarf parrots” with a balanced mix of seeds and valuable vitamins
JR Birds Individual Lovebird Feed is a top-quality, complete diet for lovebirds. It's comprised of a balanced mix of seeds, especially designed for all the needs of African parrots.

JR Birds Individual is a species-appropriate, perfectly designed, healthy bird feed, developed by experts and made of top quality seeds, which are regularly tested by independent workers. JR Birds Premium Lovebird Feed is packed with cooked oyster shells for a well-balanced calcium-phosphor ratio and vitally important vitamins and trace elements in all the ingredients ensuring absolutely no chance of deficiencies in the selection. The naturally occurring beta-carotene in carrots provides a good supply of vitamin A, and long-chain fructose aids the digestion by stimulating the bacteria in the large intestine.

It's vital for good and healthy lovebird feed to include a wide selection of different seeds and grains, in order to mimic the bird's potential diet in the wild as much as possible. That's why JR Birds Individual Lovebird Feed contains 24 different individual ingredients mixed in at the optimal ratio, to offer your darling pet an all-round healthy diet.


La Plata millets, Manna millets, canary grass seed, silver millet, safflower, carrots 5%, Japan hulled millet, grass seed, Senegal millet, hemp, linseed, rape seed, oats, striped sunflower seeds, buckwheat, elderberry 2%, wheat, barley, blessed milk, rosehip seed 2%, niger seed, oyster shells 1.6%, 1% chamomile, fennel seed.

Nutritional additives
Vitamin A (retinyl acetate) 9000 UI, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 600 UI, vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 30 mg, trace elements (iodine 0.32 mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 12.3 %
fat 10.9 %
fibre 9.6 %
ash 4.9 %
calcium 707.0 mg/kg
phosphorus 350.0 mg/kg
moisture 8.3 %

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation:
JR Birds Individual Lovebird Food is a complete feed.

Feed apprx. 5% of your pet's weight per day. Store in a cool, dry place!

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