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Country's Best GOLD 4 MINI Mix

Product description

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Product description

High-quality food for laying hens from the first egg (around 18 weeks old), specifically for bantam chickens, mix of grains with small layers pellets (2mm), with calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3
Country’s Best GOLD 4 MINI Mix is an extra fine mixture of balanced and complete food made specially for bantam hens. It is suitable for laying hens from around 18 weeks old or from the first egg and can be fed to the hens during the entire laying period. 

This feed mix is made using optimal ingredients containing all vital nutrients that are required for forming a strong shell and a healthy skeleton. In addition to this, it provides calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3. Country’s Best GOLD 4 MINI Mix is made up of a mix of fine grains and is free from coccidiostats.

Country’s Best GOLD 4 MINI Mix at a glance: 
  • Complete food for bantam hens from age 18 weeks 
  • Ideal during the entire laying period
  • With vitamins and minerals: calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3, promotes a strong shell and healthy skeleton
  • High-quality mix: made up of special layers pellets (2mm) and a mixture of grains
  • Fine grain size: ideal for bantam chickens, easy to eat up
  • No coccidiostats: for a natural laying process 


Corn, wheat, wheat feed, calcium carbonate, soya extract meal (from genetically modified soya), peas, sunflower extract meal, wheat bran, linseed, sorghum, barley, palm kernel expeller, alfalfa, corn gluten feed, rice bran, sunflower seeds, wheat feed, monocalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, palm oil, rapeseed oil, marigold extract. 

Additives per kg
Nutritional additives: 
Vitamin A (10,000 IU), vitamin D3 (2,500 IU), vitamin E (30mg), iron (30mg), iodine (2.1mg), copper (10mg), manganese (75mg), zinc (70mg), selenium (0.3mg). 

Analytical constituents

protein 13.0 %
fat 4.5 %
fibre 4.5 %
ash 9.5 %
calcium 2.5 %
phosphorus 0.53 %
lysine 0.65 g
methionine 0.34 g
sodium 0.2 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation
Country’s Best GOLD 4 MINI Mix is a complete food for laying hens. 

Feed from the first egg (+/-18 weeks).

Feed to laying hens at your discretion. The total intake depends on the age and size of the breed of the hens. Feed up to 110g per day.
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