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Papillon Special Parrot Sand

Product description

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0.2 - 2mm (5kg)
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0.2 - 2mm (3 x 5kg)
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Product description

Light parrot sand for cages and aviaries, natural product made from quartz sand, no added chemicals, contains traces of siliceous rocks, enriched with aniseed, fresh scent, pleasant colour, chalky
This parrot sand by Papillon creates a homely and hygienic environment in your bird’s cage thanks to its light colour and its pleasant, fresh scent. This special sand is a pure product made from quartz sand that is suitable for cages and aviaries with parrots and large parakeets. 

This sand is processed purely without any chemical additives. It contains traces of siliceous rocks, which can help to break up food in your parrot’s stomach. The product is enriched with aniseed, giving it a pleasant scent. This parrot sand is pH neutral and chalky. The grains measure 0.2 – 2mm and the individual grains have rounded edges. 

Papillon Special Parrot Sand at a glance: 
  • Special sand for parrot and parakeet cages and aviaries
  • Keeps cage hygienic 
  • Pure product made from quartz sand: high chemical and mineral purity, no added chemicals
  • No soluble salt or other impurities: physical processing only
  • No sharp edges: soft sand with special round grains, washed and processed through hydraulic classification several times
  • Chalky, pH neutral, free from humic substances
  • With traces of siliceous rocks: can help to break down food in your parrot’s stomach
  • Enriched with aniseed: a pleasant scent for humans and pets, subtle and fresh
  • White sand: appealing look, light colour
  • Grains: 0.2 – 2mm
  • Contents: 5kg
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