Your pet is very special - just ZOONiQUE!


Our pets are more than just special. Like real superheroes, they transform our everyday life into a colourful, bright world full of joy and happiness. They make us laugh, comfort us in sad moments, don't leave our side even in difficult times and cuddle with us for hours on the sofa. With their unique character, funny quirks and idiosyncrasies, they have charmed their way into our hearts. Our animal companions are as different in character as they are in appearance - just ZOONiQUE!

And extraordinary superheroes deserve ZOONiQUE products that suit them. Treats, toys, sleepers and other accessories, matched to all their wonderful characteristics that make them so ZOONiQUE.

Here is our ZOONiQUE Selection, as diverse as our little and big animal superheroes.

Pet approved: we've tested it for you

zoonique dogA snuggly bed for everyoneBrooklyn Snuggle Bed

...almost everyone. The stylish Brooklyn cuddle bed is suitable for smaller dogs but also for my cat colleagues. The round shape allows you to curl up comfortably. The whole basket is very soft - I only say paws up for Jersey strand.

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