Here comes spring

Spring Essentials

The first rays of the sun encourage us to take the plunge into the open air. So that you and your four-legged friend are prepared for everything, we have put together the best offers here. From fur care products for light, airy hair to training and outdoor items, you will find all useful and practical essentials at a glance - offers that you will love!

Spring Essentials for Dogs Spring Offers for Your Dog All offers

The rising temperatures and longer days stimulate your dog's urge to move and his fur also flies through your apartment in tufts ?! You are well equipped with our spring offers.

Spring Essentials for Cats Spring Offers for Your Cat All offers

Regardless of whether they are domestic cats or outdoor cats, elated by the beautiful weather and the view of the warm months ahead, our four-legged companions can become more active again. So that you are prepared for everything, you should now take a look at our spring offers.

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Products for Cats

Products for Dogs

Getting Cats Used to a Lead Getting Cats Used to a Lead How to

A cat on a lead – can that work? Of course! With the right training, felines enjoy walking on a lead, although not all are suitable for a regular catwalk. Read here how you can get your cat used to a lead.

Going Cycling With Dogs Going Cycling With Dogs How to

What's better than going on a nice bike ride in the great outdoors on a warm summer day? It's even more fun with your four-legged friend! How do we get a dog used to running alongside as we cycle and what do we have to bear in mind when we going cycling with our dog?