Here comes spring

Spring Essentials

It's been a long winter, and we're sure you and your pets are delighted to see the first signs of spring appearing.

Warmer weather means plenty more time for outdoor fun as well as shedding season starting in earnest! We've put together a selection of useful accessories, all at low zooplus prices.

From cat flaps and fetch toys to de-shedding combs to keep the inevitable floof at bay, pick out a bargain today! 

Products for Dogs

Products for Cats

Getting Cats Used to a Lead Getting Cats Used to a Lead How to

A cat on a lead – can that work? Of course! With the right training, felines enjoy walking on a lead, although not all are suitable for a regular catwalk. Read here how you can get your cat used to a lead.

Going Cycling With Dogs Going Cycling With Dogs How to

What's better than going on a nice bike ride in the great outdoors on a warm summer day? It's even more fun with your four-legged friend! How do we get a dog used to running alongside as we cycle and what do we have to bear in mind when we going cycling with our dog?

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