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Finally, spring is here! What could be better than enjoying this time with your four-legged friend to the fullest? And that's exactly what our spring promotion offers: Whether it's healthy food for lots of energy, exciting toys, or treats for thrilling adventures or cozy sunbathing – at zooplus, you'll now find great spring deals for everything that makes a pet's heart beat faster!
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Why is fur care particularly important in spring?

Springtime is shedding season. This process lasts around six to eight weeks for most furry friends. Therefore, in the spring, pamper your four-legged companion with daily brushing! Not only does this stimulate their blood circulation, but it also brings out a healthy, shiny coat. For breeds with dense undercoats, a special comb is recommended to take care of your  four-legged friend's fur!

Did you know that spring fatigue exists in dogs?

Some dogs appear tired and lethargic in spring, while others are full of energy. Spring fatigue in dogs can be scientifically explained: Due to the lack of sunlight in winter, little serotonin is produced in the dog's body, and the melatonin level remains high. Activity increases only when the serotonin stores are gradually replenished.

The solution is simple: Get outside in the fresh air! Plenty of exercise in the warm spring sun promotes serotonin production and inhibits the hormone melatonin. This helps to make your spring-fatigued furry friend more active again.

Goodbye winter weight: How to start fit in spring!

The notorious ''winter body'' after the cold months does not only impact us humans- many cats and dogs also struggle with the extra pounds. That's when it's time to pull out the diets and fitness plans.

The extra weight can strain the joints and cardiovascular system of our furry friends and even increase the risk of diabetes.

To counteract winter weight and avoid obesity, not only is more exercise needed, but also a review of food may be a good idea. Of course, any potential diet should only be done in consultation with the veterinarian.

You can find more helpful tips on the topic of obesity in cats and obesity in dogs as well as diabetes in cats and diabetes in dogs in the zooplus Magazine.