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Check out what our office pets are recommending 😻 

Sterilised CatsLucyConcept for Life

Only selected delicacies find their way into my food bowl because, as a pro, no one can fool me. Concept for Life Sterilised Cats is perfectly suited for sterilised cats like me as it supports my urinary tract and helps me maintain a slim figure. 3 out of 3 stars!

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Yoshi Tester YoshiNatural Paradise

Even though I'm named after a dinosaur, I'm still quite graceful. From the top platform of the scratching post, I observe everything very carefully and I also enjoy swinging from bed to bed. After my power nap in the basket, I sharpen my claws on the post. It feels really good!

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Rocco MealtimeChewy Rocco Mealtime

Nothing beats the taste of delicious meat. Just thinking about Rocco Mealtime makes my mouth water. It also contains fresh vegetables, which is especially important to my owner. I would say it's a real win-win situation for both of us.

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Tiaki Dog Car SeatLotti TIAKI Dog Car Seat

I'm a true globetrotter. To ensure I'm extra comfortable during my travels, my owner got me the TIAKI car seat. It doubles as a convenient carrier on the go, where I can relax and take a nap or two. I'd say it's Pet- and Nap-approved!

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