02/03/17 | Justyna
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very good food for renal cats

my older cat used to eat it happily during 3 years of his renal illness. the other cat (healthy) was also fine with it.
14/02/17 | Dora
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Happy Eater

My lovely choosy Cat [nearly 17] was diagnosed with Kidney failure last year and after some trials I have found this variety suits her very well ... kind to her stomach and tasty too, perfect!
07/05/16 | Kathrine
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She loves it!

Our 11 year old cat was diagnosed with renal failure a year ago. She is extremely fussy and will not eat any of the wet renal foods. She loves these biscuits and even more since they have changed the shape to discs for some reason.
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Eats this with gusto

My Ragdoll was very very ill and diagnosed with kidney failure, she was on the brink, my vet brought her back to life, now she eats this like there's no tomorrow she is a really fussy eater but no problem with this. jst wish it was not so expensive.
25/10/15 | Kaisa (Finland)
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Effective and tasty

I have two over 10-year-old cats. The vet reported the girl had a kidney disease, and recommended either Royal Canin or Hill's Prescription Diet foods. I tried both, and this Royal Canin food was the one that was A) a complete hit among both of the cats (you know if you have two cats there is no way to prevent them eating each others' food) and B) my sick cat's kidney values went back to normal in 6 months! She is still alive and well after two years. Happy days, healthy food!
20/05/15 | chris
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it works

Fat's had -50% renal function when diagnosed, he was placed on this, with the associated wet food diet and recieved a pill each day. The vet gave him two years, however he lived two more years than the vet forcast (19 years) and without any issues or further treatment. I was strict with the food and he lived indoors. It is an expensive diet but well worth it.
03/05/15 | George & Carlotta
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Life saving

We have 3 cats, one of them is 15 years old, another 8 and the last one is 4 but has been having severe renal problems since he was born. We chose Renal with our vet for all of them. The reason is simple, kidney/renal issues are the main reason of death in house cats, may the issues be given by old age or by genetic disorders, Royal Canin Renal, has helped us avoid this and kept the little dude, that was given only 2 years of life, alive and well for 4! We are really happy of this product. We wish it could cost slightly less, for all those people like us that decide to adopt kittens that have issues to give them a good life anyway and sometimes go through a lot of expenses to do that, that said, i seriously recommend it, good for all ages, my dude's are in great shape! :-)
20/02/15 | Liv
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preferred by our cats

One of our 4 cats was recently diagnosis with renal problems. We found that separating him from the others was problematic as each cat wanted to eat the others' food. The dry cat food meant we can leave a bowl of this out for all to eat (vet says it will not harm the others). The one's who don't need to eat seem to prefer the renal food, and typically the one who should be eating it is trying to eat the other food... No idea how effective it is medically as his next blood test is not for a week.
01/12/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Please include the Renal Special variety!

My cat has had severe kidney disease since birth. I've tried with normal renal dry food but the positive effects on my cat are way more clear with the Renal Special variety (for our extreme case anyway!). It would be great if this type could also be introduced at zooplus!
13/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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not sure

I've found a large majority of cats I look after don't like this food, but cats with renal problems are notorious for changing their preferences. My advice would be to opt for small bags or sachets just in case.
09/10/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Our 8 and a half year old cat was found to have a slightly higher kidney value than usual. We got a free 50g pouch of Royal Canin Renal Veterinary Diet from our vet, and we've been feeding our cats Royal Canin for years. The Renal 23 variety was immediately accepted by our cat and to be honest she almost inhaled it! Even our healthy cat likes the taste of it. A brilliant product!
21/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.es
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The only dry food he'll eat

My cat with kidney failure has had many problems with eating, even when he was healthy. This is the only one that he eats, and I've tried all brands!
20/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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the best!

I've tried lots of different renal kibble for my cats but they always turned up their noses. But they adore these biscuits - highly recommended!!!!
14/11/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Royal Canin Special Diet kibble

Great product, but one of my babies also prefers the Royal Canin Renal Special Diet RSF 26 variety.
30/04/13 | originally published in zooplus.it
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This food is so well matched with the other kidney foods, and the diet is clearly working for my cat! Perhaps they could make them a little more appetising but you can't have everything - anyway she still prefers these to other brands!
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Highly recommended.

My cat never tires of this food and he’s had no ill side effects either.
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RC Renal

We have 14 ragdoll cats, all neuters, most middle to older aged, of whom two have been on this diet long term, our other cats also eat it with our vet's advice that it will not harm them. They all find it palatable and it disappears at a fast rate!!