Unfortunately gives both of my cats the runs

Unfortunately both of my cats get diarrhea when they eat this food. Such a shame!
Translated from zooplus.de by zooplus
12/27/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Why the grains?

To be honest I was totally disappointed when I opened the bag, the big pieces weigh next to nothing. The reason being that they contain way too much grain. On the list of ingredients, grain occupies first place, in front of even the meat. Why a manufacturer of clinically proven cat food would produce such an unhealthy food is beyond me. Grain will cause health issues for my cat more than anything else. I will never buy this food again.
Translated from zooplus.de by zooplus
09/15/18 | Karen Heywood

Cats love them!

I used to buy this for my cat as she lost teeth in an accident at a young age and vet advised them. She loved them and ended up just on these chunky biscuits. We sadly lost her last year aged 17... We now buy them for our 2 new male cats but mix them with other biscuits. Both like them but one will pick them out with his paw to eat first!!
08/13/18 | Alvis

Appear to do the job, even to a sceptic

Being sceptical of this type of product our vet gave a small sample pack to try. Cats enjoyed them and could see that they were actually crunching up the biscuits as designed and not just eating whole . Follow-up dental checks seem to show these are having a positive effect. Expensive and the cats do seem to go off them when the pack has been open and used for a while, so best when fresh and kept air-tight. For best effect serve these separately AFTER the cats have eaten their main meal.
07/22/18 | Rupert Nash

Cat food

The cats like it, so does my daughter, unfortunately.


Our cat had some teeth removed in 2017. Our vet recommended hills prescription diet feline t/d dental care to prevent further tooth decay and plaque. Had his yearly check last week and the vet said there is no plaque, his teeth are healthy and he will not need another dental. Excellent.
07/31/17 | Nathalie

Cat won't eat any other biscuit now

I have fed my cat dry food for most of her life to try and keep her teeth in good shape as wet food used to make them bad. However after several years of biscuits she did need a clean and the vet recommended this diet. She loves it and her teeth look great despite being 13. After she had been on this diet for a while I tried switching her back to her old food and she wouldn't touch it (she used to love it) so now she only has t/d.
02/18/17 | Sarah Cannon

Cat still enjoys after 5 years

The most amazing thing about this is that it is all my cat eats. I thought he would eat it for a bit and then get bored and go off it, as he was always fussy when he had a wet food diet. He has now had nothing but this (and occasional dental/hairball treats) for 5 years straight and he still tucks in with gusto, Makes life very easy, and a great price on here too. It was twice as much from the vets.

great price

this product is great and its even better that I do not have to go out of my way to get this great product for my cats.
02/12/17 | Bellablue

Best dental care food

My cats absolutely prefer this to any type of dried food and when I mix with other varieties (as recommended by vet as it is high calorie) they munch through this first. It is not cheap but is very effective so I will keep buying it and hopefully their teeth and gums will benefit.
02/05/17 | Victoria Slack

Best Dental Diet at Best Price

I've tried several brand of dental diet but I believe this is the best one. I feed this to my four cats now, on previous food two had to have their teeth cleaned. I mix a small amount of meat into their meals sometimes but they will eat this on it's own also. I haven't found the product for sale cheaper than zooplus buying the 2 x 5kg pack.
02/24/16 | Jessie

Saved an operation

Was advised that my three year old cat would be likely to need to be anaesthetised at his next appointment so that his teeth could be cleaned. Vet recommended t/d to stop them from getting worse but advised that it would not clean what was already there. This was wrong, however, as his teeth have improved so much that he no longer needs the operation. Very happy and will continue to use this product.

It works!

This food really does work at keeping your cats teeth clean; my vet thought I brushed my cats teeth when he gave him his annual check up but I told him no, he eats t-d, so it really does the job. Both my cats love it.
02/11/15 | patricia burnett

feline dental health

after my 2 ragdolls 7 years old having to have 12/15 teeth out even though I cleaned their teeth vet recommended this diet with their normal food which was also dry biscuits as they refuse to eat wet food(fussy pair)this has worked wonders as after their second health check their teeth are plaque free they can still eat this food even though not many teeth left
09/12/14 | originally published in zooplus.se

Superb food

Bought this for my cat who is very prone to plaque and gingivitis. It worked really well, and his oral hygiene really improved. He also seems to love the taste.

My cat wants nothing else!

This is a very good food. Many of our cats have used it. When our old cat starting having tooth trouble we started mixing T/D with her other food, and she started chewing properly again. Now we only have two cats and they get this from the very start. They usually pick out the T/D chunks and eat them first, because they're so yummy! And none of our cats who eat this have ever had a tooth problem again.
07/07/14 | originally published in zooplus.nl

No more gum problems

Our 3 year old cat's annual check up last year found she had mild gingivitis from plaque. The vet advised us to use this food, but unfortunately when we tried them our cat went on a hunger strike rather than eat them. After a couple of weeks we tried again though, and suddenly our cat decided to eat it! A few weeks ago we had another annual check up and happily his teeth are just fine now! Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to make him eat them, but this food is definitely a must!
06/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.it


To maintain healthy gums and clean teeth is absolutely essential. However, do not serve this food alone and it would not be a complete diet. I usually mix 20% of this with the normal kibble. From kittens with the change of milk teeth to seniors of 10 years, TD is irreplaceable for keeping teeth and gums healthy!
04/16/14 | Jane Butterfield

Excellent Value For Prescription Food

Our vet recommended this product for our cat to help protect her teeth and keep them clean. We mix it together with other dry food as the fat content within the TD diet is quite high. Her teeth and weight seem fine and we save a lot purchasing from Zooplus rather than the vet. Quick delivery and always in stock.
04/16/14 | originally published in zooplus.se

Cheap for a vet food

Our vet recommended this feed to us for protecting and cleaning cat's teeth. We mix it with another dry food because TD contains a lot of fat. Her teeth and weight both seem good and we save a lot of money because we buy it at zooplus instead of at the vet. Fast delivery and it's always in stock.

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