Very good

My dogs have loved this dry food for years and they are healthy.


Once I saw there were kibbles for poodles, I ordered some. My little poodle Tamy loves them and above all the kibbles are small, which is great for his teeth problems because Tamy is 13 years old and has a lot of trouble chewing
11/07/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr


My dog died at the end of the summer aged 17 years and he had always eaten royal canin, never sick and a he got to a great age. I have now got poodle puppy and he also eats royal canin. I strongly recommend this food as he is in great shape!

Very good

My dog loves this, and it's helped his general health. I recommend this food for poodles.

Great for the fur

Our Labradoodle girl had a rather dull coat and hair loss. Since we have been feeding her this food regularly, her coat is shiny and thick again. So it is not only suitable for poodles.

Royal Canin

Good price and delivery.
05/09/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk


I have a 3 year old Poodle. We have tried other foods but he got bored of them. He has had gastrointestinal problems in the past and the vet suggested putting him on a more specialised diet for life. We got a second opinion because I could not believe that such a little dog would have to do such a thing, especially because he didn't like the suggested food. Another vet recommended this food to us. We have been using it for almost a year and the gastrointestinal problems have never returned, plus he absolutely loves the taste.


Quality, very good price
04/03/18 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Very good

I have a Poodle who I have been feeding with Royal Canin since he was born, and when he was one I switched him over to this specific food. My old dog also had Royal Canin so I have been using this brand for 18 years. I guess other ones may be as good too but I am definitely sticking with this one. Thank you
01/28/18 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Great food

Our Poodle has been eating Royal Canin for 7 years. He loves eating it, it's just a shame that the medium sized bags are no longer available. When you are feeding your dog 89g a day, the big bag is a little too big, and the small bag a little too small.
10/22/16 | Dee Wilks

Royal Canin Poodle

I feed 9 different breed dogs on this biscuit 5 are poodle crosses, 1 a Great Dane who doesn't like anything else but this biscuit. My other dogs are terrier crosses. All love this biscuit & believe me I have tried lots of other good quality biscuits but they have lost interest quickly. This biscuit they never tire of, their coats are shiny, eyes are bright. I would highly recommend this biscuit not just for poodles but for other dogs that are fussy eaters. I do also feed mine on fresh chicken & human grade mince seperate from the biscuit but this is more for a treat.
10/16/15 | Janet Cooper

Ideal food for my pet Poodle

It took me a while to find a dry food which suited Walter. It soon bacame clear that Royal Canin was the best food for him. I feed Walter Royal Canin Adult Poodle food every day. I can also buy it from Zooplus at discount prices.
08/23/15 | Tania


Buying this food over the year,better than that you wouldn't be able to find :-)
04/23/15 | Peter Tasher

Two at a time

I have two Labs and have always fed Royal Canine Labrador Retriever Adult. I always buy two bags at a time, and Zooplus seems to beat the others on price. I sometimes get lucky and recieve the 12kg bags with 2kg extra free, an offer that comes a few times a year from RC. Zooplus service is always very good, can't fault them at all. Thanks Zooplus.
04/02/15 | Helen Elliott

Perfect food for German Shepherds

I have tried this food for the first time for my 8 yr old German Shepherd. She was suffering from colitis and the dried food she was on was she experienced often bouts of diarrhea. This food is excellent, she eats it without adding anything, smells nice and is moist. if you have a shepherd with a typical stomach problem this is the food to buy. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Royal Canin absolutely brilliant. Comes perfectly packaged in a cardboard box, quick delivery so a win win situation. I will be back for more next month.
04/12/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

"Royal Canin Breed" poodle food

I've tried out a few different food brands that my poodle started turning his nose up at after not long. He's been eating Royal Canin Breed for 3 years and still enjoys it. I definitely recommend Royal Canin!
09/13/12 | Hercules Mum

Big Mac of Dog Foods

My 2 year old Pug has been given every single expensive, high protein, healthy dog food - Orijen,Darlings, Burns ...you name it he has had it. And in saying that he has refused to eat all of them. Some of them he humoured me and gave them a few days before turning his nose up at them, but mostly he just refused to eat them until he was starving. So in shear desperation I decided to give the Royal Canin Pug a go. All of my research suggested it is garbage, but perhaps I really do have an adolescent dog as he ate it like he has never been fed..he even came back for 3 additional helpings! I'm conscious that it probably tastes so good because its so bad for him so I've been mixing it with his healthy grain free foods and its encouraging him to eat them too although I have caught him spitting them out when he realised they weren't his Royal Canin. So, according to my research this food isn't good for your dog, and I haven't had him on it long enough to comment, but from where I stand I'd rather he live on Big Macs than starve so for me this is a great food.
11/23/11 | Jessy

~The Best complete tasty food around!~

- Very happy that my little Toy Poodle loves this selected Complete premium dog food, tasty and 100% guarantees that satisfy my fussy princess. She particularly suffer from a sensitive digestive system and with this Poodle 33 its gentle and highly digestible for her and her hair looks so shinny! If you have a small fuzzy doggy like me with sensitive stomach this is the best superior dry food you can provide. Highly recommended. :)

very good food

I bought this food couple month ago for our German Shepard as we wanted something suitable specially for this breed.It turned up very well,our fussy dog loves it and it doesn't make him hyper and unwell.He is very happy and energetic dog and this food is the best he could have.Happy tummy,shiny coat,healthy teeth... simply the best.
02/03/11 | Bev


This a great dry food, gave my dog a glossy coat. It was cost effective as you don't have to give as much as other dry foods. My German Shepherd liked this moist food. Had it been wheat free as well as gluten free I would have kept her on it.

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