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My cats favorite

Porta 21 Tuna with Surimi is the only wet cat food that my cat likes and we have tried a lot of different ones. Other ones he only tastes and often I have to throw the rest away, but this one he likes so much that his fur goes fuzzy every time and he eats all from the plate.
03/01/16 | ShuF
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Can't fault the quality but ...

Ok 3 stars is a bit harsh but whilst our kittens love this unfortunately the rice doesn't love them ! upset tummies all round & if you had a spare few hours you could pick it out but would be very time consuming.
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My kittens love this

Their absolute favourite food after steamed pollock! Big hit definitely worth buying. We will be buying the adult version too when they are cats.
20/01/15 | Aimi
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Excellent quality shreds

It's real chicken fillet inside, the kitten adore it so much. Has to be mixed with his kibble as this is a complementary food. The price is excellent as per usual, well done Zooplus!
30/04/13 | elena
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Good but my maine coon is not enthusiastic

I purchased the kitten food cans but my maine coon eats it for hunger rather than for excitement: I tried to serve both alone and with his favorite cans. I will try later the adult food, because Porta 21 is a product of great quality!
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Our cat loves it! It's a new favorite high quality food!
04/11/11 | Melissa
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Great quality!

In my search for great food for my cat, and great cat food for my budget, I gave Porta 21 Pure chicken a try. I have to admit, it's a hit! Same quality as the Almo Nature pure chicken and Schesir natural chicken fillet. Will buy this one over and over again :-)
12/04/10 | Pat
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Good but not enought taurine or fat content

This is about the only cat food that my cat loves, however the fat content and the taurine content is very low. Just add some goose fat and some taurine powder (mixed with water)to the pure chicken pouches. Cat hates the goose fat in her tuna but she tolerates it if I mix some Grau tuna flavored pate into her Porta tuna pouches, so that ups the fat content a bit.
13/03/09 | j.m.
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very good

very good
28/01/09 | Aga
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Pure chicken meat

My fussy beast likes it - what is there not to like? Pure juicy chicken, it even smells not bad - and I'm a vegeterian :)
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Porta Tuna & Crab

My cat is very picky and will now only eat the highest quality tinned tuna products. He loves this one and cleans his bowl within a few minutes. It looks very apetising - large chunks of crab meat and tuna in jelly.
20/12/07 | Lucy McAllister
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Oh my God! Awesome food!

I currently have a poor cat suffering with Lymphoma, he has just started chemotherapy and for the last 24 hours has been totally off his food. I have tried everything, every cat food I could buy... I have just offered this porta 21 to him and he has just devoured 1/2 a tin!! I am so happy - this is such a tasty food it even smells good enough for humans to eat! Thank you zooplus for the free tins with my cat litter - expect an order for a stock of this food from me any day now!