02/26/18 | Andrew

OK and as expected

I read reviews and most mentioned the item being broken. I decided to take the risk and purchased as £2.99 was worth the money. I have spent more from a pet shop which has been a waste of money. My item was broken when I opened it but I glued it back on. Nothing major. Its good as a new and hamster is loving it. I knew there was a high chance the item could be broken but I purchased on that basis and fixed it.
10/10/16 | Dumpling

The toy is OK...

The toy was well built, or that's what I would say if it didn't arrive broken. My Syrian likes climbing so its sad. Not risking buying another one.

Arrived severely damaged

When I opened up the clear plastic that this product was covered in, the 2 higher steps literally fell onto me, the glue that was used wasnt too strong. I superglued the stepping stones back on and once they were on, the product was fairly sturdy. My syrian hamster did have a little climb, but didnt seem too interested. I think that overall, this product is ok for the price, but poor quality.

Its Okay

Just received this and its rather tiny, also the top part was almost falling off, Also i removed the bells because i imagine they can be rather annoying.

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