02/14/18 | Bobbi

Fantastic, and massive!

Perfect for my new rat boys. Huge size would be fine for 4 but I've kept 2 in so they have loads of space! And loads of space for added accessories

So much bigger than expected!

This cage is HUGE! It is a bit of a pain to clean with the doors been closed but it doesnt bother me to much, The locks on the doors are great the cage itself is just amazing for the price! Our new babies love it!
09/05/16 | Tricia

Excellent Cage for Rats

This cage was a lot bigger than we thought, but I love the quality of it and the rats themselves love it too. We have four rats and they have loads of space to run around and loads of space for us to hang and place activities for them inside. Slightly a pain to put together, but love the all around horizontal bars for rats to climb on. Amazing price for this too. Excellent purchase I would recommend to anyone with rats.
05/17/16 | Emily

5 Rats love it!

I have 5 male rats in here, and it's perfect: especially for the price! It's a lot bigger than it looks on the photo, comes up to my shoulders! There are plenty of places for the boys to climb, and for me to put different accessories in for them. The bar spacing is perfect, and even kittens couldn't get out, they were 5 weeks old when they came into this cage. Love love LOVE.
02/24/16 | Sophie

Love this cage for my rats!

I bought this as an upgrade for my 3 rats from the Zeno 2. It's gigantic! Requires 2 people to move it, and the corners come apart if you lift it wrong, but it's incredible value and a massive cage (more than 2 x the volume of the Zeno 2. Now have 5 ratty boys living in it and they are very happy indeed. Doors are a little small but are absolutely fine to access all parts of the cage. I'd recommend this cage.

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