12/06/18 | shauna linay

good for mice only!

this cage is a great cage if you have a mousr or a pair of mice. its a good size for them and has levels for climbing which mice enjoy to do. HOWEVER please do not buy this cage for you hamsters. hamsters need a bigger cage which has to be at least 80x50 cm (lxw) or more. hmaster also prefer to burrow instead of climbing and they have bad depth perception so could fall down or off the ramps. this cage is more expensie than other great cages such as the barney cage which is a better choice.
08/25/18 | Julie Jordan

Mouse mansion!

This cage is very big and my three girls love it. It's fiddly to put together, especially alone. Sealing the floors and slopes is essential, I'd have rather that they were plastic with sides for ease of cleaning. Overall it's not easy to clean, doors are small, not enough of them or in the right place. I ordered two, one arrived with a crack in the corner of the base which was very annoying. Base clips are flimsy and feel insecure for it's weight and height, it is quite heavy Lovely size though!
12/14/17 | Georgia

Good size but not practical

I have had this cage for a few months now and my two female mice love it. There's lots of space and they have not escaped from it. However, the wooden platforms can not be covered with anything and my mice have soiled the wood very badly. Cleaning it from the wood is very difficult and it's beginning to smell so I'm going to have to replace the floor.
01/10/08 | Jane Pender

hamster heaven.....with a few adjustments:-)

This is a great cage size wise, we ended up buying 4 for our hamsters. I really don't think much of the shelving, it's difficult to get in and out and to clean. We replaced all of ours with new home made ones and these have proved a real hit with our boys, more accessability etc! The wheel is totally hopeless, best replaced with a silent spinner, these work perfectly in this cage. This cage is very spacious and well worth buying, any hamster would be proud to call this their home! :-)
05/08/07 | Lucy Fairweather

Big but beware

The size of the cage is great. Our hamster loves scurrying up to the top floor when we call. However, one of the door catches is a bit loose and he managed to push it open and escape. On the other hand, the wheel fits so tightly to the bars that it does not turn easily so we will have to buy another.

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