05/21/18 | Donna Murphy


My French bulldog had suffered very bad flatulence and started getting skin dermatitis which resulted in hair loss. I read reviews on this food and was sceptical on whether to try him on it due to the expense and chances of it not working. Well I am delighted I did, no more smelly farts and also his skin has greatly improved and hair is grown back fully. Only thing is his poos were v runny for the first few weeks on this even though I weaned him onto it but all seems good now :)
03/12/18 | kara

not sure this is for us

During transfer from old food and initially, had poor effect on coat (dull) and skin (dandruff). Feed fully on this for 1,5 month, dog seem to be more itcy than on old food. now has UTI (may be insidencial as dog is predisposed for this), but unsure this is for working for us
01/02/17 | Doh

Old George

I have fed my dogs the Science plan for over 20 years. Changed to sensitive skin to help my westie. It worked. All my dogs have been strong and active all their lives and have lived into their mid teens. I have just one boy now who is 12. A super little JR. The science plan isn't cheap but my dogs deserve the best. I would never take them off it.
08/10/16 | Chasing cars

Give it time....

My beautiful British bulldog has been on a raw food diet since puppy but skin probs getting progressively worse. Tried this on vets advice and initially no improvement , possibly even worse after two weeks but after 6 weeks his skin is much better so obviously there is a detox period you need to go through before improvements are seen. Now 14 weeks on his skin is much better, not cured of allergies but definitely much better and less red and itchy.plusthis is much simpler and less messy to feed.

Top !

My French Bulldog has been eating ProPlan right up until they changed their recipe at the end of 2015. The new one did not agree with him at all so I changed to Hill's Sensitive Skin which brought back his glossy coat and got rid of the vomiting and poor stools. Would recommend

Blue staffy baldness and dry skin

After just a week the difference was unreal, been on it 2 weeks now and she looks amazing, no bald patches at all and the dryness has gone, I was dubious at first but honestly it can only be this food that has had do e the trick, highly reccomend it.
04/20/16 | originally published in zooplus.es

We love it

I buy the bags in twos now!! It's a great product, a subtle chicken scent, doesn't smell like normal dog food.. My littlest one, who was recently sterilised, also loves it because he can eat loads without putting on weight! Fully recommended from all of us, to all of you
05/03/15 | Angela Farndale

Always good value

I buy this every month for my Labrador. I always find it good value and the delivery is always excellent.
05/03/15 | sarah hunter

hills dry food

i have been using hills science plan on my dog for several years now and he throughly enjoys it and i feel it is good for him
05/03/15 | Louise

Quality Food

I have 2 14mth old, medium sized, border collie girls, one of which is a fussy eater. These biscuits are a good size (for crunching) which helps with keeping teeth clean, if I want to add a little gravy, they don't turn to mush, which helps with my fussy mutt. I have 2 healthy girls with shiny coats so the food must be doing them good!
04/14/15 | originally published in zooplus.de


My dog loves it, it seems delicious


All good, my dog loves it


Everything perfect!!!! nothing but praise and recommendations
01/07/15 | Jan de Ros

Excellent product

Our American Bulldog used to chew her feet until they bled, since switching to Hills science plan sensitive skin she no longer does this and her feet are perfectly healed.
06/09/14 | John Cole

Great for controlling skin irritation

Our mongrel dog had very red sore skin but once we switched to this it went very quickly. Really pleased with it

hills science plan

The food is very good for our two dogs who both love it . We are very happy with this produce and zooplus company are very efficient and the delivery is extremely good .
06/08/14 | David

Perfect for a working dog

My springer was losing weight - it was so active ordinary food was just not providing the nourishment and protein it needed. The vet suggested moving to this and the dog has got stronger and gained weight - but is not fat, so I presume the weight must be increased muscle and all over development.
06/08/14 | Joe

Good food @ good Price with special offers all the time

Good food @ good Price with special offers all the time not like other retail store
05/13/14 | Mandi Johnson

Great dogs grubs

I use this food when I can afford it by the sack great for my EBTs but I prefer the 18k so when the good cheaper deals are on... I'm in ;)

Hills advantage foods

Excellent way to ensure health of dog with good value. Recommended to us by vet and ensured good health, good skin/fur and teeth. thanks

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