Lasted as long as all her other toys, much enjoyed.

We found this to be just as good as other soft toys. The fabric is tough enough and we did not have the issue with the stitching which other reviews had.
08/25/15 | Stormclaw

Great for cats too!

Gustav is my little cat's new friend! She likes to cuddle up with him in her window box, even if he is nearly the same size as her. Looks durable and well made and will undoubtedly be providing companionship for several years to come.
06/25/15 | Magda


My 4 months flat coated retriever love this toy :)
06/04/15 | Kriszti

Perfect for an hour

My 5 month ok shiba loved it, but it was in bits after an hour. The hair on the top of his head had completely fallen if in small pieces and thread, and there are two long rips on its belly. Both me and my Natsu are really disappointed :(
02/23/15 | Sarah Booth

Great toy my dog loves it

I have a 22 week old French Bulldog, this is one of his favourite toys. The toy is about 10 weeks old and is still going strong, a lot of toys don't last him more than a week or two.

Great Product But Easily Chewed

The product is quite large and very cute looking however my dog easily started to rip it apart that I had to take away after a while. Still great product and I'm very impressed.

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