18/07/22 | Kate
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Perfect for Kittens

This brush is excellent for training kittens to be brushed. It’s soft so it doesn’t hurt their skin, but it brushes their fur well.
23/10/18 | Helen
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Best brush ever - took months to find

for my very nervous/frightened 15 yo blue Rescue girl who spent 7 weeks in hiding and was biting+scratching until a lovely Healer worked on her. H e said she had been abused - which didnt occur to me as had Rescues for over 30 years. I had looked everywhere for a softish brush (not hard) and so relieved when this arrived - as she lets me do anything with it. Fosters said the chip shpwed she was lost @ 1yr old & never got back to owners, & suspect she was stray for a long while. More settled
23/08/17 | Nina
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Nice & soft for ferrets

This is a nice soft brush for ferrets when they're not shedding. They all tolerate being brushed with it well and seem to enjoy being groomed with it.
21/06/17 | Shelagh
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Brush with natural bristles

I bought this for my Sudi as he has got very soft fur. He really enjoyed it. One MAJOR defect was that all the bristles in one section of the brush was missing completely. Have mislaid/lost the brush so reordering hoping that it is with a full quota of bristles next time!!!
07/06/17 | Sue, Beighton
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Great for elderly or frail cats

I'm so pleased I bought this lovely little brush. It's exactly what I wanted - and an incredible bargain! It's very pleasant to use and my elderly cat seems to really enjoy and appreciate a light preening session with the soft, comfortable bristles. For elderly or frail cats who need careful, gentle grooming this little brush is ideal. Thank you Zooplus - another winner!
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Soft brush

Our cat loves this brush. Yes it makes the fur static if you brush her too often with it but that's what she seems to enjoy :) She always purrs very loud when we use this brush and she seems to think her mummy cleans her fur. I would recommend it.
13/10/14 | Alastair
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Lovely soft brush

We wanted a really soft brush for our little kitten Bodhi and this has fitted the bill perfectly. I imagine we may need something stiffer once he grows up a bit but whilst he's little this is perfect, he loves being brushed my it as well.
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Bristles just fell out

Bought this to get my new kitten used to being groomed, before buying a bigger and better brush. Had to throw in the bin straight away as the bristles just come straight out, and had to scour the floor to make sure I had all the bristles off the floor.Complete waste of money didn't even get one grooming session out of it.
06/09/12 | Jennifer Smith
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Our new kitten was really taken with this and was purring instantaneously - think I will need more robust bristles as her fur becomes denser (BS) but its a nice way to introduce her to brushes as the bristles are soft