Very satisfied

Our Labrador has been fed on Eukanuba since being puppy and we are very satisfied.He accepts the food, never had an allergy and a proper digestion. Eukanuba definitely isn't wrong in any way.
03/31/16 | Avril Batty-Hardy

Ukanuba rottweiler

Have struggled over the years finding a dog food that my rotti doesn't react to but the breed specific as worked really well for Diesel and bless him he will be 10 years old in April 2016. I would highly recommend this product :)
05/04/15 | Lucie Soczowka

Best on the market

No need to say more, really good food, glad, I have found food for all my labs what suit all their needs.
01/07/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Best food there is

Hi everyone! I have to say, a dream of a dog food, my dogs look superb, people always ask what I feed them with! Fur is shiny, lots of muscle just great! Thanks Eukanuba!!!
07/27/14 | June E Culley

Healthy Dogs

Our Cocker Spaniel & Cockerpoo are fed on Eukanuba Adult Cocker Spaniel food. Tasha came home from her breeders on Eukanuba & we asked our Vet if it was worth the expense of keeping her on this. His answer was if you can afford YES. Trixie came home on a different food but we have changed her to Eukanuba.
09/06/12 | SUZI-Q

Eukanuba Cocker Spaniel Dog Food

Pupsters had this dog food for four years now. Every one comments on their shiny coats and how healthy they look. Pups love it. They have the eukanuba treats as well. Zooplus service is brill too - no complaints and all arrives on time.
08/15/08 | Sally Townsend

Two more happy Cockers

I tried this by chance a month ago and my two love it. One of mine can be quite fussy but it passed the test and they both love it. So happy we tried it - happy dogs = happy owners. Sally (15/08/08)
07/08/08 | Jackie

Two happy Cockers

I have fed my two Cockers this food for a few months now and find it superbly balanced. My dogs love it!
09/19/07 | Tracey

Healthy Dogs & Shiny Coats

My Cocker Spaniels are all very healthy, a good weight and have lovely shiny coats. Since they have been on this food, there has also been a real improvement in their digestive systems. They are all thriving on this food, and I would recommend it to any Cocker Spaniel owner.

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