12/19/18 | Patrycja

Dried rabbit ears with fur

Doesn’t look too appealing however, my little pei loves it! Good price and package!
11/30/18 | Caroline

Woof them down

First time buyer I have two border terriers female eats anything, male very fussy with a very delicate tummy but even he ate them without hesitation & no been sick later! My little female whent crazy for them keeps hunting for them very pleased with their response.

My Greyhound Loves these

I've ordered these a few times now and I've found the quality to be really consistent between batches. My dog goes nuts for them and it takes him a little longer to eat than some other treats so provides him with some stimulation too.
09/01/18 | Hayley Nix

Very impressed

I was sceptical regarding the fur as she is fussy and after reading some reviews about the quality however my Stafford loved them...my lurcher will eat anything.
08/02/18 | Dawn Waterman

'Vintage' Greyhound loves them

I bought a small pack of these for my 'vintage' (!) greyhound to try and she was very keen, so I am taking a chance on ordering a couple of packs more. Am a bit worried about the couple of other reviews who were very unhappy with their purchase, am sorry for them but hope it was just a bad batch and has reverted back to the good treats these seemed originally to be. Zooplus are usually very reliable, in my small experience.
05/17/18 | Bev dodd

Loves them

I have the fussiest dog ever he loves these & actually asks for more after !
05/07/18 | Troy


Super tasty

Frenchie Loves Them

Our French bulldog goes nuts for these like nothing we've ever seen before! They are a bit smellier than the likes of a dried cows ear but not that bad. Good healthy treat for your dog

Our dog favourite treat

Our Schipperke loved it! She ate in 2 minutes
03/08/18 | Sassy

Superb treat

Nutmeg will do anything for these rabbit ears. She has been raised on Wolf of wilderness, so when looking for treats I wanted something natural, healthy and not full of preservatives, so I didn’t hesitate to buy. To humans they are a tad revolting but to dogs they are pure heaven. I love that they don’t stink the way the green tripe, chicken necks and stomach treats do, so they don’t need to be kept in the garage. They are crispy yet furry and there is NEVER a mess.
02/20/18 | Gemma & Ty

Excellent Treat

My two rescue GSD's are raw fed and love these rabbit ears as a treat, bonus being the fur acts as a natural wormer.

A new favourite!

I don’t usually buy treats that is so ‘obvious’ it is from another animal, simply because my partner and guests understandably dont want to be greeted with a hoof/ear/knuckle etc when they come to visit!. However i didnt have to worry as these were gone within 10 minutes. My dachshund/chihuahua cross is a real fusspot, and he literally dances for these rabbit treats! They will definitely be a repeat purchase.

Dried rabbit ears

My dog loves these snacks and has no problem digesting them. Amazing price for a great snack, would definitely re-order
11/25/17 | originally published in zooplus.nl

Great treat!

My girl is 3 (she is a large breed) and she really enjoys these lamb ears. She completely devours them and they are very well digested. Nothing to complain about here! The size of these ears do vary though (my current pack is between 10cm and 20cm). Don't forget that puppies cannot digest these snacks though, especially the fur!!

Venison ears

Our German Shepherd adores them :)

Great quality

My dog loves these venison ears - she waits religiously every day for her treat, plus they are good for her so that makes me happy too!

The highlight of the day!!

As well as the rabbit ears with fur, these lamb ears are the highlight of our 5-month-old German Shepherd's day! Not too big and seem to be very tasty (despite the horrendous smell!). We give her dried lamb tripe every other day as well. Highly recommended and the delivery was super fast too.

Special treat

My dog loves these. I keep them as a special treat to give her when she's really earned it. They're not messy so would be suitable to eat inside but other people are squeamish so she has them in the garden.
10/15/17 | Rachel Sheldrake


Amazing treats for my two raw fed dogs! They love these rabbit ears and I've bought 3 small packets before now. About to stock up on the biggest pack! The fur is also brilliant for cleansing their guts and is a natural wormer... and they love them!

If you can look away and remember your dog is a dog!!

I really don't like to watch or pay much attention as to what these are! My dog (a 5kg jackhuahua) loves these. Bought them to try as a healthy treat. She ate every bit.

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