Only for dogs that don't chew

Terrible item, the ball lasted all of 5 minutes with our staffy pup before he chewed straight through it. He loved every minute of it before we had to toss it in the bin. Avoid if your dog has teeth!


My mad chewy lab/shepherd absolutely loves this toy and it's pretty much like new after three months of very happy playing. Squeaker intact and everything.

She loves this toy

The squeaker in this sends my dog into transports of joy. She is an enormous lab x shepherd that can demolish a thigh bone in 30m but this has surived approximately 2 months and shows no signs of giving up. Bounces really far too.

Great toy for a Great Dane!

The large ball is perfect for my Great Dane puppy. She tries to get at the inner ball and also enjoys 'cleaning her teeth on the outer ball. All round successful toy for a large lively puppy!
11/28/18 | Agnieszka Dobrzynska

my dog destroyed this ball quickly

My dog -american bulldog loved this ball ...unfortunately he destroyed it within 15 minutes - he chewed big hole , and he removed small ball that was inside out.. This is lovely toy, superb quality but will not last long in a paw of bigger dogs that loves chew ..I would still highly recommended for medium and smaller dogs
07/17/18 | Hellie


Our border collie has not left this alone he loves it
06/06/18 | Andy

Kong tumbler ball

Not as good as other kong products only lasted 5-10 mins before chewed handle apart
10/24/17 | Jane W

A durable favourite

Lola, our 1 year old golden retriever, loves this toy as it can be thrown, squeaks (a bit loudly!), chased and tugged, and it seems really strongly constructed so it hasn't fallen to bits .......yet! All her other toys have been destroyed as she loves pulling the stuffing out of them (and scattering it all over the floor!) This, however, I can highly recommend.

Does what it says on the tin

The squeak lasted about 10 minutes (which was plenty long enough!) but the ball is still going after 2 months, and, apart from the traditional Kong toy, is the only thing that has survived my Staffie cross' teeth this long, and kept his interest. I'm buying a second one ready for when it finally bites the dust.

Rugged and enjoyable for dog and owner (but squeeker broke)

Being a Kong toy, the ruggedness one would expect is there. However, the squeeker did break very quickly, not that it bothers the dog much, who continues to enjoy the toy on a daily basis. Great tug toy for interaction.
04/06/17 | D Howie

Great idea

Great idea. Durability an issue. Squeaker was Very loud and annoying. Thankfully it quickly broke. My Gsd puppy had 5/6 weeks of fun before the seal burst where the ball goes in. It was then rapidly destroyed. I would have given a higher rating but for this. Resolve issue with the seal and make it last longer and then its well worth the money as dog loved it.
03/26/17 | Claudia Smith

Good toy

Squeaker lasted a week like with any other kong toy. Ball its still intact ( for now!). Let see how long it will last .
03/24/17 | Phil

Dog liked it - pity it didn't last

Squeaker lasted less than 10mins and one of the handles had been chewed into little pieces in under an hour. Expected better from the kong brand.
02/08/17 | Tracy

I'm just going to order one

I cannot believe that pet suppliers can't find a way to make more durable squeaky balls, the boarder terrier I take out has destroyed everyone of them.... come on designers sort it out.... 😂😂😂😂😂 I will let you if it lasts the short car journey to the park.....

Dog Liked it but eventually destroyed it

Like other reviewers, the squeaker didn't last very long but the dog didn't care - he just liked the unpredictability of playing with it. Eventually, the plastic disc (that was probably used to fill the hole that the ball initially went into) started to come away - so the toy is now without the squeaker, the seal /and/ the ball. Still the dog doesn't care :)
09/22/16 | Sue Clarke

Fun Toy

The squeaker may have broken within the first day, (and the interior ball has come out now, but after much vigorous play), but this ball has given so such pleasure to my Norfolks, and Staffie Cross. So much so that I bought a second one.
06/23/16 | David Addison

Great toy

The beast loved it, named Smudge but sometimes Damien. Squeaker lasted only 5 minutes and not yet found it,may appear tomorrow.
06/10/16 | Lydie G.

A great toy

Can be easily grabbed by human and dog thanks to handles. Unpredictable trajectories that amuse the dog. SQUEAKS yeah! Very resistant: It took a while to the staffie to puncture it (therefore it does not squeak anymore) however it still in shape! GOOD FOR FETCH GAMES
05/26/16 | Kelly parker

Kong jumbled ball

My English bull terrier loves it. He broke the squeak within the first 10 minutes but is always playing with it. A big hit from my Stan
05/15/16 | Lisa

Great toy

I've two boxers who have spent hours playing with this toy. Its robust and due to the handles on the side its occupied them for hours playing tug together.

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