11/21/20 | Trinity Dockery

Arrived smashed

There was no fragile sticker on the box so I do not blame the delivery service for throwing it around a bit. I was extremely disappointed that it arrived broken. The ZooPlus customer service was very kind and compassionate so I am not totally disheartened and would buy from here again just would not recommend this product!
05/02/20 | Viktorija Meluha

very poor quality

broke after 4 months.

Substandard Quality

I bought 2 sets of these for my 2 large dogs. I bought the 1.6ltr which is fine for large dogs. However, after 2 months of use the glaze cracked badly on one of the water bowls. There is also the beginnings of rust on the stands. There doesn't seem to be any quality control because upon weighing my dogs' food I discovered that the bowls are all different weights. Water bowls were 725g and 775g while the food bowls were 700g and 775g. I only ever hand washed these in warm soapy water and wouldn't advise anyone to put them through a dishwasher. They look nice and for that reason I would probably buy again unless I can find something of a similar price but better quality.
09/14/15 | bonnie

need 2 new bowls food small

have 3 sets of these and the quality is fantastic but I have broke 2 food bowls and having real trouble replacing them.

Love these bowls

Lovely looking bowls and are very practical. The holder stops the bowls moving round the floor plus gives that little bit of extra height. They are a perfect size for my Westie
06/07/15 | beata

the best one

Very good bowls with the stand what helps keep everything around clean and tidy, highly recommended
08/08/14 | CBR

Very very happy!

This looks great, nice and well done! My dog is an OES so I wasn't sure about the size ... but the big one ordered it's fit! She likes and me too. Thanks!
04/08/14 | Gwen


Exactly the right height for my Scottie who has back problems. It looks attractive and is easy to clean.

Beautiful bowls

These bowls are great the stand is brilliant as it stops the bowls from moving around and also saves a mess. They look very pretty too.
03/08/12 | Linipoos

Great bowls

I bought a set of these bowls and they are brilliant quality. The stand isn't high enough for my dogs but I just put the bowls inside high standing metal bowls. I liked them so much, I bought a second set. The writing was thinner than on the first set. The bowls go into the dishwasher daily and come out gleaming and are the same quality in which they arrived. My first set was bought over 1 year ago - so they are long lasting.
03/11/11 | Agnes


You wouldn't believe how many food bowls I have bought and gave away not be able to find the ones that my ferrets would agree on too! We would have water all over the floor because they would be dragging the bowl around. And then I came upon these!!! I bought the smaller pair which is fantastic in size for our three rascals! They still can move it if they please but for almost a year and a half we have no mess around the floor! ;p Superb! I always recommend these to any ferret owners!
09/08/10 | beth marlow

some advice please. .

Im really interested in this product, is it suitable for a labrador? Or Would it be too small?
11/18/09 | Sonia


The design and quality of these bowls are great. Purchased them for my 11 month old Boston Terrier and she seems to really like them. I've been searching for ceramic bowls on a stand for ages now, as she will not eat out of metal or plastic bowls - "well done Zooplus!!"

No More Mess!!!

My 6 month old Border Collie Cain was such a messy eater. He flipped over all his feed bowls, (feed and water all over the floor) - even the Non Slip ones! He is baffled by his new dinner service. No more mess as he cannot move/flip these bowls over. And they look fantastic too. A bit heavy but they are ceramic. Very pleased with this item...

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