12/16/20 | Anita Madarasz

My dog doesn't like it

Unfortunately my Jack Russell barelly touched it but I insisted on it. His behaviour became bad: he got more reactive and aggressive than usually and I charged nothing, except his food. And today he vomited and has a runny tummy.
10/21/18 | Lee dobson


My boy loves this stuff can’t fault the quality we use dried and wet food all excellent and dry treats are awesome
09/17/18 | Mrs AFM Hyde-Clarke

Excellent for fussy dogs

My poodle is the fussiest eater I have ever lived with. She turns her nose up at nearly everything and would rather go without than eat something she doesn't like. But to my pleasure and amazement, she likes the Wolf lamb, duck and boar wet food. The reindeer was a bit strong for her, I think, but the others are a success. Thank Wolf for making my nerves at her mealtimes disappear !!
08/15/18 | Sheryl

My dog loved it

Try this for the first time with my dog as he's very fussy with his food and has a very sensitive stomach. He absolutely loved 3 of the flavours and he probably would have ate the whole tin in one sitting. I'm not saying that the Lamb one isn't good just that it has now made me realise that my dog doesn't like lamb. This is definitely worth a try.
07/12/18 | Geoff


My Collies get half a can plus about 2/3 of the daily recommended amount of Wolf of the Wilderness dry food per day. Two happy sleek dogs with no huge poos full of the bulk that cheap foods add. Yes, it's a bit dear but I'm happy that my dogs aren't full of corn or wheat.
03/12/18 | Sue

A very happy whippet!

Well, truth be told she's less Wolf of the Wilderness, more Whippet of the warm couch, but she loves this wet food. She can be a bit fussy so I was delighted to find a brand that really tickled her fancy.
02/03/18 | Paul

Wolf of Wilderness Arctic Spirit

Very good. Joel really loves Arctic Spirit. He is quite fussy, but clears his bowl every time. He is a pug, but thinks he is a Wolf of Wilderness.
01/29/18 | Liz

Wild boar tins

I have a very fussy dog who can not have grain and gets a upset stomach very easily. This food is agreeing with him and he’s loving it too.
10/28/17 | Patricia Smith

Food for my pack of wolves!

My dogs absolutely love this food, dishes empty in seconds and some of my dogs bring their bowls for more.. seven dogs with healthy tummies and shiny coats.. which is wonderful as I have 2 dogs that can't eat chicken but with this they can all eat the same..
10/18/17 | Helen

Brilliant !

My GSD can be fussy, but he certainly wasn't with this food. I mixed it in with the Wolf dry kibbles and he was as happy as a dog with two tails!

Love it

Rory my young Scottie loves this. I had not fed wet food for a long time but this looks great and he is thriving.

Excellent quality, good price

We normally feed our 7 year old Alaskan Malamute a raw diet, but we weren't sure how we could manage a 3 week holiday with limited freezer space so decided to supplement with this tinned food. Picked it because it doesn't have any rubbish added and it is affordable. It worked out so well that we continued feeding 1/2 raw and 1/2 tinned after the holiday. Our boy loves it and it agrees with him very well.
10/02/17 | Lynda

Excellent value

My two German shepherds absolutely love this food. We bought the mixed wet tins first to try. Normally fussy to feed they were bouncing up and down as I was dishing it up! It has a high meat content and isn't sloppy like a lot of other brands.

Whippet Friendly

Had trialled several different wet and dry dog food before this, but this has been the only one that my whippet will touch. He loves all the flavours; his coat is glossy and has no problems with his stools.
01/09/17 | Melody King

Perfect for my sensitive dogs

I feed my three dogs this food, two have sensitive stomachs, 1 has various allergies, with reflux. This food is the best I've used that is well tolerated by all three. In fact it's the only food tolerated by them all. Smells good and they all love it.
11/08/16 | Layla Salisbury

Mixed tins

Absolutely great value, the 800g tins are a lot bigger than expected. Took me longer to prepare my dogs food than it took for her to eat it!! Just tried the wild boar and came across steak like chunks in the food, my dog officially eats better than I do ;)
10/29/15 | Char

Great stuff & Great Ingredients!

Impressed with this wet complete food. My dog scoffs the lot! Very impressed with the ingredients 100% cereral / grain free! Happy that oils & fat levels are not as high as some other wet foods.

Fussy eater loved this

Fussy young cookerpoo needed a lot of prodding to eat and had intermittent runny poo and anal gland issues. Wolf of wilderness wet dog food has been great solved the mild diarrhoea and she loves it cleans her bowl immediately.
09/14/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Awesome way to try all the flavours!

I love this mixed pack - it's a great way to try all of the flavour. My dog really enjoys all of these flavours. There were no problems with changing his food, as we slowly changed the food over one week.
08/26/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Good food

Our dogs do enjoy this wet food, but whenever you open the cans, the food sort of sprays out! Still, it smells good and is appealing for dogs.

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