09/14/21 | Alex

Nice quality but not stable enough

Although the cat tree feels nice quality and looks good, unfortunately, it is very unstable and wobbly starting from the hammock and higher. We were forced to lean the cat tree against the wall to make it more stable. Also, the sleeping nests are quite small. We have 2 cats (4-5kg) and it is very tight for them..
12/29/20 | Stephanie Duphil


Beautiful, great quality, my cats love it and I love it too as it is always better to have a cat tree that can fit to your home's decoration instead of ruining it!
12/17/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Beautiful to look at...but

The cat tree looks great, but we are sending it back because it is not as stable as it should be, despite the large and sturdy-looking base plate. Unforunately you can also feel the screw protruding through the base, while the hammock looks pretty unsteady - not sure I'd let my cat in there. And how exactly is the top perch to be reached? A real shame...
10/30/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Different to the picture !

I am very disappointed, the basket we received was different to the one in the picture. We were expecting one with high edges and more padding than what we got. Do not trust the misleading photo !
04/26/19 | Ewelina


Large and good quality.
01/15/19 | Elena

It is great

We bought it a year ago for our maine coon kitten, now a cat. It is still stable, scratching pole is not worn out. This is the favourite place for our cat to chill out.
12/18/18 | Joanne


This tree is outstanding. I had to read some reviews before buying, but it didn't take long for me to add it to my basket. It's so easy to assemble with a step by step guide and pictures of all the parts as well as the screws and washers. I had no problem assembling it on my own. The only thing I would say is a shame, is, that they don't supply replacement parts, for when the time comes for the hammock or beds to be replaced (though they wash very well). Apart from that... I can say nothing bad

Good but some issues

Looks good in burgundy. Only issue i had was very hole had been drilled too small for the screws to fit. Had to drill them bigger.
04/11/18 | Zelda

Cat Heaven

Bought this for my 6 month Ragdoll - extremely impressed. It was easy to build and it looks fabulous. The scratching posts are large and perfect for a bigger breed of cat or a multiple cat household. The little den and canopy are so cute! Would highly recommend. My kitten was playing in it while it was being built!
04/01/18 | D Nash

Would buy again for sure.

My 2 lively kitties love chasing each other up and down this, no stability issues at all. I did purchase the wall bracket for extra stability, but I haven't needed it as yet. It's been up for 4 months and still all good. Yes there are a couple of frays in the hammock fabric, but I'm not surprised the treatment it gets and after all cats do have claws! The only issue we have is the occasional spat over who has the 'top bunk' I'm really glad I got this, so are my cats and I'd happily recommend it.

Sturdy and superb for big cats, great quality

I’ve waited 6 months to write the review as I wanted to see how it held up to use. I first got the compact model which wouldn’t stabilise property, when zoo plus offered to upgrade I had spotted the premium and so paid the difference to upgrade. For big Cats this one is much better in my opinion, the climbing pole is much wider and better suited to their weight when chasing - it’s solid (one of mine is 7kg). Despite daily use it’s still in excellent condition, all pristine


The nicest cat tree ever! Good value too!


looks great ,very sturdy great for large cats would recommend


great for large cats very well made would recommend
10/13/17 | J G Beds


I bought this as I have another product from this range and again have not been disappointed. Sturdy, well made, easy to assemble. I have two cats, one a l5 lb male who fits, quite snug in the barrel part! I would recommend this product. The only drawback is the elasticated dangly toy balls which lasted less than two minutes! I would suggest omitting them altogether or attaching them by another means... plaited pieces of cloth?

Maine Coon Size!

Bought this for our 4 Maine Coons after they destroyed their previous cat tree. This one is really sturdy and quite heavy so no chance of them pulling it over. They fit into the beds and love the hammock and we were pleasantly surprised that they fitted into the round 'house'. The scratching poles get a serious workout and are surviving very well, even the toys are still on there lol! Brilliant product and worth every penny!
08/15/17 | Deborah Ginns

Great sturdy cat tree

Bought this cat tree to replace my old one from Zooplus which was 8 years old... it was getting very wobbly. The design of this tree is much better, and it is very sturdy. The box is quite small I think for a very large cat, but for my medium size one it's fine. Bizarrely both my original cat tree and this one both arrived minus a part. I rang Zooplus and they offered as last time to send a new one, or a part (longer) or offered a partial refund. So customer service good.
04/27/17 | Kaeren Daunt-Jones

Great value

Have two of these, one needs new rope now, but I do have a LOT of cats. It would be lovely if I could get new beds for it, as they are getting a bit worn now, Very good value, I have Maine Coons, and it is great and stable
02/07/17 | Gordon

My Bengals Love It.

This tree is so well made it feels almost indestructible by my Bengals. They love jumping around on it, climbing straight up the large diameter poles and relaxing in the hammock. It's so good if I had the room I'd buy another. Highly recommended.
01/21/17 | Kaeren Daunt-Jones

Great value

Had two of these for a couple of years now, just one post starting to unravel [and I have 20 cats using them] It would be lovely though, to be able to get replacement beds

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