01/15/19 | Elena

Favourite igloo

This is so far the best cuddling place for our maine coon. He likes to dough the cushion and to sleep inside.

Totally awesome

My cat absolutely loves this. Took to it straight away. It's good quality, well made and very attractive.
07/28/18 | K Lamport

Stylish and cosy

This bed is perfect for my two kittens and a good size for when they are older as they are a large breed. I will possibly just have to get another for when they are fully grown. I would highly recommend this cat den
12/09/17 | Liz

Stylish and the cat loves it!

We bought this for our huge bruiser of a British Shorthair because he's just too big for the average cat den. It was a hit immediately - he loves it and spends many happy hours curled up inside. If you have a big cat, this is the den for them. As a guide, Kubo is over 6kg and he fits comfortably inside.
11/15/17 | Lydia

Main coon den

My main coon absolutely love story his new bed and spends most of the day sleeping with his head peering out the front. Lovely design and size!
05/12/17 | Ola Boddngton

Fantastic cat cave

I purchased it, thinking that (as usual) the box it was delivered in would be a better fit than the bed itself, but I was very wrong! My cat loved his cave from the very beginning and has been using is constantly since we bought it! It's his safe space. https://www.instagram.com/p/BOShuT3AGyO/?taken-by=bobski_cat&hl=en

snug hideout

My british shorthair loves to use this den the fabric makes it much warmer for him. also more than enough room for him.
02/05/17 | Diana

Brilliant for a bigger cat, or two snuggly smaller ones!

I bought this for my big cat; she loves to loll about rather than curl-up when she sleeps. The bed comes flat-packed and is quick to pop into shape. It's very spacious and would fit two cats quite easily. It looks cute and the quality is good for the price. I wrapped the cushion in a small fleece for my cat as she didn't like the slippery texture of the cushion, but that's just her being picky.... I would recommend this.
02/04/17 | Daisy

Loving sleeping on it!

My two cats love this however they sleep on top of it flattened! If I put it back up they just jump on to flatten it again. My female at loves to scratch at it too. It's a big hit in our house but they won't share!
01/26/17 | Sacha

Loved it!

My two british shorthair cats love this! At first they just sat on top of it as it has no frame. Eventually they started to go in it once we kept popping it back up!
12/24/16 | Emmie

Brilliant for big cats

Rehoming two adult male British Shorthairs, we have had a bit of a shock as to how big they are compared to normal cat beds etc. Ours have shown interest in cat cave beds but clearly struggled for size. This came today and they both love it - very impressed!
12/21/16 | Ola

He loves it!

My cat normally shuns beds I buy for him, but this one was an instant hit!
11/28/16 | Eva

My cats loved it

Both my cats liked the den, one of them entered the den and immediately started to purr.
08/02/16 | Norah

Lovely hideout

My lucy likes it.. I uploaded her photo
04/07/16 | Emma

His new favourite place

I got this because it was supposed to be spacious, and it certainly is. There's plenty of room for my cat to sleep, groom himself and curl up in comfort. I liked the white cushion supplied with the den and both it and the the den seem excellent quality. My cat ignored both, however, until his favourite old jute shopping bag was put over the cushion and now he loves it in there! I can see it lasting for years and it's been a really good buy.
02/18/16 | Michaela

Beat the record!

The bed itself is lovely - nice colour and design, the cushion is a little too small, but I swapped it out for one of their blankets anyway. No interest shown at all by either cat for a full two months, but to be expected really as they have so many options around the house. I'm sure it will become a favourite in due course - two months beats the previous record of two years before checking out a new bed, so I'm happy.
01/04/16 | Mark


I've bought many different trees and beds to keep my two indoor Birmans content. They showed zero interest in this for a week but then I spotted my older boy in it. This has ended up being their perfect chill out spot. Sometimes my girl will snuggle up in here with him and sometimes they take turns. This is an absolute steal at the price and looks very stylish and cool. If my flat wasn't crammed with trees already I would buy one of these for every corner.
12/12/15 | Trish

Comfortable hideaway

Our cat recently suffered a dislocated hip and after an operation has to be kept in a dog cage to rest for 6 weeks. I bought this den to provide her with a comfortable bed and some privacy and she loves it! Agreed the white cushion is not that practical but as she is not allowed out I don't anticipate it getting very dirty. It is well made, light and cosy. I'm sure having such a nice bed will aid her recovery!
10/27/15 | Laura

Instant Hit

My two bengals were straight into this! There's enough room for the two of them and they can snuggle up nice and warm. My only complaint would be that the cushion inside seems to be a bit small and white possibly isn't the best choice of colour but that's just me being picky! They love it and it looks smart too.
10/22/15 | Cat Mum

My small cat loves it !

You don't have to have a large cat, or more than one for this den - it works just as well for smaller cats. I have a petite British Shorthair and she absolutely loves it. It's her new preferred bed and her hideaway when she wants some 'me time'. Great price from Zooplus and a big hit with puss!

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