09/19/18 | Imogen Larkins

Maine Coon Heaven

My x4 fluff bags always have 24/7 access to these top notch biccys after stepping up from the R.C Kitten bics. My kits have wet food also but these Royal Canin Maine Coon Adult biscuits are their daily constant, with the bowls needing regular filing. The bic size means they have to be chewed up - so no swallowing whole and throwing them up shortly afterwards. Best recommendation I ever had to use this brand. My cats love them above all other foods
08/08/18 | Beata

My cat loves this!

Great product at a great price! I buy the 'Sensible' version as my cat has sensitive digestive system and other types of food give him diarrhoea! No issues with Sensible and he absolutely loves it! Been eating it for 2-3 years now and hasn't got bored yet! :) :) :)
05/29/18 | Mr Paul Newton

Royal Canin Mainecoons

Excellent value for money
04/03/18 | carole

simply the best

I have 4 maine coons ,since using royal canin there coats have never been better , at meal times they are all very vocal for there favourite food well worth the price. ordered on a sunday delivered on tuesday
03/13/18 | Vicki Whyte

Cats love it.

We have been using this cat food in our cattery for 18yrs+. It is the most popular and least 'problem causing' cat food we have ever used as our 'main' cat food in the cattery. Most our clients now feed it their cats.
01/18/18 | silver_the_cat_219

is it safe ?

I have a british shorthair my dad,bought the maine coon adult so is it safe my cat likes it though
01/01/18 | Cole

Little Persian loves it

Royal Canin is the best food. My Persian cats love it
11/15/17 | Theresa

Love it

My cat has a very sensitive stomach but no problem with this no more poorly boy just happy boy
10/29/17 | S Gomez

The best!

This is the only food that my maine coon (Beauregard) will eat - and this is the cat that turns up his nose at fresh roast chicken!
10/10/17 | Jan


i have 3 cats now and they all love this. I was introduced to it from the last cat I rescued from a sanctuary. She feeds all the cats on Royal Canin Sensible. They absolutely adore these biscuits. They are happy, I am happy, so all is good. Would certainly recommend buying a small bag for your cat/s for them to sample. I bet you wont look back!!!
08/22/17 | Joanne Robinson


I have 9 Cats mainly Maine Coons and I've just ran out. The look on there faces were a picture when I gave them normal biscuits. They turned their noses up and walked off. I've had to nick some biscuits from my mums stock until I can put an order in. I have to buy 20kg so the extra 2kg each bag is a welcome bonus,
05/26/17 | Valerie

Loves it!!!

My Maine Coon Leona just keeps asking for more!
04/05/17 | Mogsworth

Marley loves it!

I bought this for variety, I have a Norwegian Forest cat and usually buy him the Royal Canin dried food for his breed, but he is getting bored of having the same every day. Large breeds need the large kibble, so regular dried food is too small and he doesn't chew properly, but this is the perfect size, he is enjoying it.

Keeps my Maine Coons healthy

Great product which I have used for my 2 Maine Coons for over 6 years now. Great for keeping healthy teeth, skin and coats. Very tasty and they've never gone off it.

Alex loves it

My cat Alex can't get enough of the stuff, he loves it.

Royal canin Maine Coon

Bella our maine coon loves these biscuits. We also have 4 other cats and they love them too. All their coats look healthier.

Worth every penny

I have ten cats. All various ages and size mainly rescue. This food lasts them approx 4-5weeks and I free feed and the bowls are always topped up. The ingredients keep them fuller for longer. It may seem to cost more than lesser brands but your actually saving as they don't feel the need to eat constantly. Their coats are now so shiny and soft, breath smells better, solid poops and all in all they are happy and healthy.

lilly rosie and harley

sorry about our last review it should have had 5 stars we love it and thank you zooplus for our new cat tree our repunzel cat tree bought in 2014 is still going strong but we've got another one on order so hope to get that this week. PS we love the boxes too. love from the supercats!!!!

cats love it

My persian cat and moggy both love this food and great for their sensitive tummies
05/03/15 | Joan Cross

Brought this product for years

I first brought this product when I had my rescue cat Kee kee from the Cat protection. She is now 17 years old and despite having cats from all walks of life some domestic cats they all have this food. It works for them all. Its gentle on the stomach and I would never buy anything but royal canin dried food even if it wasn't this product.

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