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Causes diarrhea in kittens

3 of my kittens suffered and the cause is the milk. Keep in mind that they are months apart and are rescued kittens. This is the replacer I bought and it never failed to cause diarrhea in all of the kittens. Vet recommends stop giving this milk because of the severe LBM, the anus will be swollen and portrude.
23/10/17 | Geraldine
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Kittens love it

My five 8 week old foster kittens probably don't really need milk but three of them are quite small (2 had been ill). When the two poorly ones wouldn't eat I was giving them Cimicat in a syringe to keep them hydrated as well as syringe feeding Recovery pate. None of them really like Cimicat but I thought I would try supplementing their normal diet with this just to build them up. They go absolutely crazy for it. The powder smells a bit like vanilla icecream.
10/03/17 | Jan (Sultansrex Devons)
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My Devon Rexes LOVE This!

I just switched to this brand. I like to have milk when expecting a litter and I also use for weaning. The feeding instructions are in German (naturally) I have written them on a label for the tub. 7g of powder per 50ml lukewarm water, mix welI, shake or whisk for 1min, serve @ 35°-40°. I have a digital scale measuring 1g/ml increments (which I use for kittens!) The shelf life for Royal Canin milk I always found very short. Delighted that these tubs (costing less!) unopened don't expire until end of August 2019!
01/11/16 | ann-marie edwards
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rescued kittens

I took on four 3 week old kittens, weak and starving, and reared them on Kitty Milch. They are now beautiful, sleek, healthy cats - BUT - they love their milk so much, I still give them one feed a day! As soon as they hear me whisking it up, they are there! I'm sure it's why their coats look so good!
04/06/12 | Smbe
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Not easy to get formula right

Instructions poor and measuring the right milk powder to water difficult
09/01/09 | Kitti Rainbow
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Receipe Idea

I cannot rate 'Kitty MIlk' highly enough, i'd personally recommend it with 'Ricicles.' Awesome!!!!!

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