06/04/20 | Emily

They love this - I only allow small doses!

They love this - thanks to the person that warned about the sugar content, I'm careful to just give them a few teaspoons after dinner!
11/08/18 | tracy

Got a couple to try on points

My 2x 6 month old kittens loved it. Still looking for more will be defo buy again

Lovely but use sparingly

All my cats love it, even my geriatric fussy-eater. I took this as a treat for my baby boy when he went to be neutered. The vet had not seen it before, but after reading the ingredients warned that too much of it could cause diabetes at it is mostly sugar. A lovely treat for our fur-babies but be aware of the consequences of feeding too often, even in recommended portions.
10/04/16 | Rachel

Great for hiding meds

My cat Blackie has to have a blood pressure tablets every day and he never has a problem taking them crushed in his pudding. The other cats can't get enough of it either.
06/01/16 | stacey

kittys with a sweet tooth will love this!

who says cats cant taste sweet things?! as another reviewer has already said this has a caramely smell and colour and smells as though it would taste sweet all 3 of my babies just adore this stuff and let me tell you they are 3 extremely fussy cats, when it comes to food and treats there is just no pleasing them! i dont bother putting it in a bowl because i find it cute and good bonding time to give it by hand...would 100% recommend
04/20/16 | R Bluett

Great for hiding medicine

We use this twice daily to hide our boys various medicines in. He loves it and it has made medicine time treat time and something he actually begs for!
12/08/15 | Wendy

they love it

I feed 5 half feral cats and all 5 just love this stuff. All 5 are licking at it at the same time. Priceless.
11/03/15 | Just me

Can't get enough

My cat loves this! I've caught her trying to get the lid off with her teeth. She even eats it in the vet's waiting room and in the car - normally she doesn't eat any of her other treats there because she's too stressed but she'll eat this.
03/22/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Excellent treats

My 3 cats love it, especially the two females, just like the yoghurt. It's a creamy desert and it has a caramelly smell (and colour). My male cat didn't finish his bowl so one of my two females finished it for him and got diarrhea. So do not give a double daily dose. I only ordered one yoghurt and one pudding to try them, but next time I will order 6.
07/23/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Just delicious

Our friends' cat love it. Perfect Pudding.
02/20/14 | Medford's Mom

The best

This pudding treat is my kitty's ultimate favourite . He's not a big treat lover but he goes crazy for this - it's the only treat that he meows for . As someone else said , you just need to give it a good shake and pour .. I keep mine in the fridge and it keeps very well . A great treat too for a cat that doesn't get enough fluids .
04/26/13 | Gwen

The ultimate treat

Two of my cats have a very sweet tooth (as I discovered when I found out when I left a slice of toast and jam unattended for a moment). They just love this cat pudding. It's Tashi & Khush's ultimate treat.
11/01/12 | dobeybabe

for kittys with a sweet tooth.

Rusty has a sweet tooth a loves his gimpet pudding goes down a treat after his dinner.

Cat loves it

My cat is really quite fussy with food but absolutely loves this stuff. It keeps well and just needs a bit of a shake before pouring out.

my cat loves this .

I decided to buy this to see if my cat would like it. He has a sensitive stomach and i must admit he loves it ! He is a fussy eater and turns his nose up at most things but this is a good treat for him.

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