08/25/18 | DNee

Nice concept but cat not interested

Too high up for my small elderly cat to use. It's a nice concept for a more energetic younger cat, but not worth it for elderly more placid cats. She enjoys taking treats from inside the needle bit but would recommend the activity board, which has these plus more.
05/13/18 | Fiona Mosley

My cat loves this

I only had to show her once. Now she uses it as her main snack feeder during the night. I just have to remember to top it up!
10/14/17 | Sally


1 cat out of my 4 loves this but doesn't get the treats as the other 3 wait for the treats to drop and steal them all, if he doesn't turn the containers for them they will just walk away. 😹
07/02/17 | When the cat is away

Works great - apart from that one cat steals all the treats

I bought a second one to give each cat their own rack, thinking they could play unsupervised with their respective rack. However, one cat is working while the other waits behind the rack to eat the treats... Not sure who's the clever kitty here. :D
04/16/17 | Shar G

A Winner!

Bought this as a Christmas pressie for my friend's cat to keep her occupied during the day and also, to make her work for her food and eat more slowly as opposed to gobbling the lot up in seconds! Also, improves cognitive function and dexterity in elderly cats. Suffice to say, it was a tremendous success - Kisha loves her new toy!!!
02/06/17 | Anne

Fun for Winnie

This is a great way of stopping a cat gobbling up their dried food or treats. This is the third type of "toy" like this we've tried and it's been the most successful as she's a large cat and this is fairly sturdy. She enjoys spinning the little canisters and pushing the treats through the spikes which isn't easy with big fat Maine Coon feet.
05/29/16 | Maisy

Great toy!

Brilliant for my 15 year old cat, she loves treats and its a great way of her working for them!
04/17/16 | Flossie

1 out of 3 cats

Only 1 of my 3 cats use this, but he loves it so much I have given 4 stars. He only likes to use 2 of the tumblers, he has big paws and finds 3 a bit awkward but it is good to have the option of adding/removing them. One of my other cats, with smaller paws fishes the food out of the spiky bottom piece which we fill as well. The tumblers tend to whizz the dry food all over the floor but he soon clears that up. A good buy.

Great Feeder

Really like this product, slows down my cats eating and keeps her entertained. Would really recommend.
10/19/15 | nta16

Very good

This is very good and offers three levels of use. Our cat soon got the idea but hasn't fully mastered the quickest way to empty it so is still kept very amused. It is also good for slowing down eating even as a toy. I think the base could be bigger and A-frame posts spread wider, to perhaps the corners of the base, to make the toy even more steady - but the instructions do suggest to hold the toy steady to prevent it tipping over in case your cat decides to climb the stand.

Great for greedy guts

I have three house cats, so I bought this to help keep them stimulated. The only one who tends to use it though is the greedy one, so I agree that unless your cat is very food orientated it probably wont get used much. Norman loves it though now he has got the hang of it :) Great quality and great design.
04/26/13 | elle

My Boys all love this...!!

I highly recommend this activity toy..my three little boys just love playing with this even though I only ever put 'normal' dried food in the containers....keeps them occupied for ages...and unlike most of the toys I've bought for them, they never tire of it....an excellent toy, could not be happier with it!!
06/14/12 | Debfly

Only good if your cat is very food-motivated.

My cat eats enough, but mostly without great enthusiasm. She isn't very food motivated. She likes treats but it's a bit "take it or leave it". Hence this game was of no interest to her, even when I made it super easy. One thing which does get her excited is tuna, but it would be too messy to use with this game. I suggest only buying this for cats who are very food-fixated.
06/14/12 | Debfly

No good unless cat is very food motivated

My cat is not very food motivated. Yes, she likes treats, but it's all a bit "take it or leave it". Hence she didn't get excited or interested in this game at all, even when I made it really really easy for her. Only buy if your cat is very food-motivated, like most dogs are. (The only thing which really gets my cat going is tuna, but it would be too messy to use with this game.)
08/31/11 | Chris

They love it....

2 out of my 3 cats love this, took them only minutes to get the hang of it and now they whizz them round so fast the treats often don't get a chance to drop out!!
11/24/10 | Rebecca

Brilliant but only for very intelligent kitties!

We have 6 rescue cats and only the two most intelligent and food motivated play with this toy but they LOVE it! One of them has mastered the art of turning the tubes upside down so that the treats come out and the other sits by his side waiting for the treats to fall out! Then it is a race as to who can get the treats out of the soft spikes at the bottom first! It does keep both of them amused for ages as the treats don't come out easily but I thought some of our other food motivated kitties would play with it but they just can't understand how it works despite my showing them. So great product but only for super intelligent kitties.

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