01/12/17 | A Breen

Best cat litter

Initially used wood pellets but cleaning the litter tray becomes such a chore and I don't think it covers poo very well. I was also concerned that the sawdust is an irritant to my cat's URI. Cat's Best may not come in large packs but I am only having to clear out any mess as and when done and it does not seem to aggravate the URI. It does have the drawback of being kicked out of the tray but with a covered tray you do not get this issue. I will not go back to another type of litter.
06/22/16 | Sarah

Green power

It's is best to clumping you need to change ever 2week, the litter last twice as long then cats best ok it does track,but on odour. very good l never go back to cats best . No problem with long haired mainecoons
04/29/16 | Heather

Updated review

I initially gave this litter a brilliant review, it is great in every way except the tracking is ridiculous, I put up with it for a while, even bought a cordless hoover, but the mess was just too much, it gets everywhere! I'm really disappointed as I could not fault it otherwise, the search for the perfect litter continues!
04/09/16 | Kathy

Good odour control, fair clumping, bad tracking

It's one of the best I've tried for absorbing odours without being perfumed. I like the fact that it's made from natural wood (and I presume other fibre material) and it's clumping fairly well. However, it's so fine and so light that its being carried all over the house. Also quite expensive and comes in too small package units. Won't use this again for that reason.
03/18/16 | Heather


I have 8 indoor cats & I'm a full time cat sitter so I've used pretty much every type/brand of cat litter available, this is BY FAR THE BEST! Lightweight, small granules, clumps brilliantly but does not stick like cement to the tray as some litters do, clumps can be flushed down the toilet, just don't flush too much at once, completely absorbs all urine odour & DOES NOT use perfumes or artificial scent, only downside is tracking but I've found all litters do that & bags could be bigger

Green power

Really light, fine but really absorbant, it would also be good to use in omega paws litter boxes. I use either worlds best, natures calling and at the moment super benek (for open trays). I have 3 cats of which one is a maine coon kitten who is a poop machine! so my priority for cat litter is cost, clumping and whether you can flush it down the loo. As they're using a lot at the moment. But when he's stopped growing I would definitely consider this if it came in bigger packs.

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