12/31/20 | Stella

The only one to be used!

That is essential for your cats and kittens. My british shorthair uses then at all times.
01/18/19 | EvA

Ceramik bowls

Super! I got thre of them on seals for 1.99€ each. Good qually ceramic dishes for my always hungry kitty

Very good bowl

I really like it. It's sturdy, wide for the size and pretty heavy
12/01/17 | Suzanne Davis

Trixie ceramic cat bowl

Lovely and smooth surface, no hidden places for food to crust. Wide enough for kitties whiskers, been a great success with all 8 cats and me for when I wash them, amazing value for the price
08/18/17 | Jane

Nice basic bowls at a reasonable price

Nice little basic bowls. Good value.
03/25/16 | Lucky


Great bowls for the price. Mine are very evenly glazed and very easy to wash. Look almost white and navy. Bargin!
11/22/15 | Julia

Great Bowls, exellent value!

The bowls look very pretty. I put them on silicone mat, they don't move at all. My cat loves them. Excellent price as well.
11/12/15 | Tina Rasmussen

Not good for wooden surfaces

This bowl is not glazed at the bottom. Therefore, when it's been washed and dried, it remains moist at the bottom and leaves a ring on wooden surfaces. Otherwise, good quality and strong.
09/08/14 | Cheila

Mixed feelings

I was hoping this would be heavy enough to stop my cats from moving the water around. It's heavier than a plastic bowl, but not heavy enough for that effect. I put it in a corner, with the food plates creating a 3rd wall and that seems to be doing the trick, but I'll get something heavier in the future. But it looks nice and it's good quality.
06/08/14 | Jennifer F

Excellent for the Price

We inherited an outdoor cat when our neighbour moved (it actually wasn't her cat and the new place wasn't suitable for an outdoor cat as it was right on a busy road with no garden). Anyway, we needed a decent bowl that was heavy enough not to tip over or blow away and easy to clean. This fit the bill perfectly and wasn't too expensive. We bought 2- one for food, the other for water. The size is perfect for food, but a bit too small for water.
02/24/13 | rachel

Attractive food bowls and good value

These bowls are great value, attractive and a good size for food. Easy to clean. I personally wouldn't use them for water as my cat drinks quite a lot and I don't think its large enough for a day's worth of water for her.
02/07/13 | Ann

Best cat bowls

It has taken me 15 years to find the right bowls for my cats. These are great and the leftover bits of cat food don't stick like glue to the surface of the bowl - always a plus. Who cares of the blue colour isn't perfect, my cats don't care and at this price I don't care.


This is a normal cat bowl. I have a cat that drags her water bowl spilling water everywhere and I needed a bowl that would stop her. This did not work, she drags it across the kitchen even though it is heavier than a standard plastic bowl. So if you want a normal bowl that is better than a plastic one then this is it, but that is all

Great bowl but paintwork a bit patchy

I was a new customer and bought 2 of these bowls based on the great reviews and sale price. They are nice, heavy bowls (like stoneware), with a "Trixie" logo on the base. The colour is quite different to the picture - the outside edge is cream/off-white and the centre is a dark blue, almost navy. The only thing I don't like is that the blue is not evenly painted. There are visible brush strokes and gaps where you can see the cream paint. But, as a new customer, I didn't know what the returns process was like. So I kept them. They are very good bowls, not too wide or too shallow like all the others I had seen. Great bowls, just the paint lets them down.

Perfect bowl

Ordered these for our British Shorthairs and they are wonderful. Our boys have trouble eating out of deep bowls but have no problems with these. Also they are easy to maintain and do well in our dishwasher
05/17/12 | Mary McDaid

Great value food bowls

I have three of these bowls. They are great quality bowls for the price. They are also quite heavy, so the bowls don't go sliding all over the place when the cats eat. They also wash really well. I tend to use them for my 3 male cats because they are a descent size and nicely hold 100g tins or pouches. Very happy with this product!
05/05/12 | Ashurii

A Handy Cleanable Catbowl

Just a warning often the blue centre isn't perfectly blue and may have a different look. Mines has a few swirls of white through it where it wasnt painted properly! But its a good size for a sachet of meat, cleans really well and easily and much better smelling than a plastic one!
01/07/12 | Vivienne


I ordered two of these bowls and am impressed at the good quality, so much so I am ordering two more. I have 3 cats plus one that comes in every day and eats more than the other three so I am constantly washing them. Very highly recommended.


Good bowl, actual color nicer than in the pics. Nice and solid and heavy enough not to scoot across the floor as my cat eats. Deep enough that the food doesn't make it's way over the sides as he eats (he must be a messy eater!) Very pleased. Bargain!
01/01/12 | Nathalie

great for older cats!

These low bowls are super for my three elderly cats who have 5 or 6 teeth between them! They can lick the edges clean whereas they always left bits in the 'corners' of the standard pottery bowls. And, the food seems to not spread to the mats either, a bonus!!

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