02/01/21 | Annfiva

Great window mattress

Our 2 cats loved the window mattress right away, now it is much more comfortable to hang around at the window 😹
01/20/19 | Barbara

Pussies favourite!

My 3 cats love these mats , I have them on most of my window sills, they get the comfort of the soft padding and the heat from the sun or the radiator! A really good buy!


I only have one at the moment and my cats fight over it! I had to cut down the pad inside so it would fit on my quite narrow windowsill but it works fine and they love it. Roll on payday when I can get one for every window!

Love it

Another three of these sill cushions arrived today. Our cats just love them. They are so comfortable on the window ledges ow that sometimes they sleep there all night !

My cats love it

I am buying another because my cats love it, but beware it does mark the paint on your window sill. The little raised points in the reverse of the mat leave mark in the paint that I cannot remove. However my cats are happy with the mats so it's a small price to pay, unless you are impossibly houseproud!
08/22/18 | Pinkrose1956


Originally bought 4 my cats but 2 wide 4 our windowsills.BUT I found my guinea-pigs love it ! I fold a puppy pad & put inside the cover for extra protection but my guineas do NOT pee on this.They use it as their bed with a bent stick shelter on top a&pee in 2 cat litter trays where I have their food bowl,hay rack & water bottle.I had never tried keeping guineas on fleece b4 but they love this as it is soft & cushioned.I place puppy pads covered with newspaper underneath.Only change litter trays
06/26/18 | Petra

Love it

It is nice and fluffy. Great value for money.
03/16/18 | Samantha

Nirvana achieved!

I had to get Larsson on this with treats but once he sat down on it, he went into full Nirvana mode. Wish I could be as blissful as he is on it!! This was purchased to stop further damage on the windowsill to our rental property and so far so good!
03/03/18 | Ginette

100% hit

Since getting these cushions I don't think they have ever been empty. My cats love them. Whether they are on the window sill or underneath the radiator they are occupied. Best buy ever
01/29/18 | Barbara

Happy cats!

I have 3 of these covering the bedroom windowledge, all 3 of my cats love these, a sunny morning finds them splayed out sleeping! Easily washed and so soft! Happy cats!
01/14/18 | Rhonda

comfy but to wide for most window sills!

my cat loves this, but it's much wider than most sills and so will just fall off. Check sill width first before buying it!


Really good quality, unfortunately just a tiny bit too big for my window but the cats make it work. Our Ragdoll boy LOVES to curl up on it and watch the world go by. 10/10!
11/19/17 | Beata

my cats love it

both of my RAGDOLL cats love to nap on it, easy to wash, holds quite well on the wooden sill, good quality, looks nice. would recommend

My furbabies love it

My furbabies are window huggers. They follow the sun from the back of the house round to the front and they love their window sill mat. So much so that I've ordered more for all the windows they sit in. (>^-_-^<)/
09/19/17 | Angel Alexander

Worth the money

Very cheap it look so expensive my cats like it

My cat loves it!

The cat tree, the cat beds... all ignored. My cat only wants to sleep on top of this window sill mat.
01/19/17 | Rachel

Easy To Clean!

My cats love these and so do I. The value is great, they are nice looking, soft and comfy. Most of all though they are so easy to clean! Just unzip the cover, throw in the wash, and leave to air dry for a couple of hours.

An instant hit.

My picky cat normally ignores any cushion I buy for her. I reckon it's because she was raised in a wooden shed by her breeder and just got used to hard surfaces. However, as soon as I plonked her on this lovely cushion on the windowsill, she settled down, curled up and went to sleep. One gobsmacked mammy. It is a little wide for our sill so I'm debating whether or not to cut it down. I am a little bothered by the mentions of marks on my white paint but we'll see. Rosie loves it so I'm happy.
12/15/16 | Sim

My kitten says no

I was very enthusiastic about this product after reading all the positive reviews. My 5 months old kitten spends so much time by the window and he sleeps on a tiny small cushion that I had. I thought this would be a great treat for him and wanted to replace his tiny cushion with this one but he refused it. He seems to dislike the chemical smell of the material and the noise that the sponge foam makes. Maybe he is fussy but this has a strange smell from the sponge foam that I can even smell, it doesn't feel like a nice quality product. He was trying to sit on the radiator instead.
11/25/16 | Claire Senior

Leaves marks on the windowsill

Cats love this window sill mat. And it's great, unless you want to move it, whereupon you'll see that the black dots on the reverse have left marks on the paint on your sill! I'll attach a photo as proof!

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