06/14/21 | Louise B

Great item except roof

My 3 cats adore this house, taking turns to sit in the top deck and survey the garden. Took the plastic off the flap door at bottom and they’re happy to sit in here too at least whilst they queue for the upper deck. Unfortunately after approximately a year the roof has caved in from the rain nut also I have seen our local Tom using it as a landing pad from the wall. It’s a shame it wasn’t made from sturdier or more water resistant material as it would get full marks only for this.
12/10/18 | Carol Lester

Fantastic Quality !

We bought this for our little blind cat to add interest in her private garden. My husband was " staggered ! " by the good quality of this " cat den ". He couldn't believe how well made this was for the price and he put it together with ease. We left off the plastic door because Mary our cat is blind so it would have hampered her but other than that it is perfect ! It is sturdy, looks great and Mary loves sitting on her roof terrace listening to the birds ! Perfect !

Most of it survived

Not waterproof, the roof caved in with all the rain. The rest of it survived but they didn't like the plastic strips. A proper cat flap would have been better
09/05/18 | Sarah K

My cats love it

Study and good price
07/23/18 | Natalie

Amazing cats love this!!

We have 5 cats and they desperately needed a place out of the sun!!! They are all fighting for the top spot!! Managed to capture one of them enjoying the top spot! Definitely recommend great product!!
06/20/18 | DB

Maisonette Outdoor Cat House

Ideal for sitting inside when raining, surveying the garden for anything that moves. The roof also doubles up as a sun lounger for lazy sunny days. Wouldn't be without one now. Best buy ever and easy to erect.
05/05/18 | Liz

Maisonette Magic

Our 6 rescue cats love this cat den. Good quality, plenty of room and an instant hit in the catio. Highly recommended product. Easy to build.
04/25/18 | Denise Wyatt

WOW just WOW

This was the easiest piece of flat pack assembly I have ever built, I didn't need alcohol LOL nor did I swear at all. Instructions were very clear and it looks fab, I will take photo's at the weekend when it is installed in the Cat run
04/21/18 | Miranda O'Brien

My cats love it!

Very good value for the price paid & the cats really like it. If I may offer a little advice during assembly, pay close attention when attaching the front and rear panels. Ensuring the side with printed letters on them are facing inwards. I didn't and had to take the whole thing apart and reassemble it. My fault clearly!

Not water proof

Cat bed often got wet when it rained which is not very ideal other than that brilliant
03/19/18 | Heych

Great little cat house

The cat house was great, it took me a while assembling the house together! My cat was not a fan of the plastic flap and i didn't like it either as it is hard and not easy for a cat to get in and out so i removed. It could be a little bigger and it would be the perfect cat house. The wood is delicate especially around the stairs, so be gentle when assembling!
03/15/18 | Stephen Madley

Roof needs extended for rain.

This cat house is very good value for money, especially at the sale price we purchased ours at. Very good quality materials and well designed (99%), making it very easy to assemble. We lined the main box section with cork insulation to make it more comfortable in extreme weather. One slight flaw in the design is that the roof is almost the same width as the house it covers, so the rain drips directly on to the side rails underneath instead of missing the house as it really should, to avoid rot.
01/22/18 | andrea abbott

My second one, great shelter

I purchased one of these 5 years ago and its still going strong never needed any repairs, and my maine coons and NFC love it I care for a stray cat he is as big as my NFC weighing 15lb, so purchased another one of these for him to have shelter and he loves it, because its waterproof I have placed a self-heat pad in the bottom, he is warm and sheltered from the elements I must admit the roof on the newest version is not so great but went and purchased some roof felt and recovered it and all is w
10/12/17 | Paula

Great Little house

Had this for a few months now, Great little house, thought at first my cat would be a bit big for it as he is a sizable cat, but during the summer he sat at the top just under the roof, and he sits there when it is raining, now it is getting colder he curls up in the bottom with a blanket.
09/16/17 | Christina

Nice cat house

I bought this for a stray cat that's been around throughout this summer and I'm hoping to make it warm and cozy for her during the winter. This was easy to put together and every screw was there :) I'm not sure how this will be warm in the winter though, but with a bit of straw and insulation it could become very nice even in low temperatures.
08/31/17 | Cath

Such a cute little house

I bought this for my two cats. It arrived quickly a d was incredibly easy to put together. I managed to complete it in about half an hour and you only need a screw driver. O was also able to assemble it completely on my own. Now it's assembled it seems sturdy and looks lovely. My cats have had a good look at it but haven't yet got in or o it. I have, as advised by other buyers, given it a couple of coats of varnish. It's a good size and I think both the cats will be able to get in the enclosed but at the same time. I hope they love it as much as I do

A beautiful cat house, was worth my money

A beautiful cat house, was worth my money
07/02/17 | Ele H

Great idea but poor roof design :-(

I was very worried when I bought this that my cats would not use it; they found the packaging it came in more exciting than the built thing. They soon came to like it, though they've never used the enclosed downstairs room. The roof is good for water run off, but has not been strengthened with struts to keep the roof in shape. Over time the roof has collapsed (needs replacing!); it is splitting into separate layers and the underside is a mass of mould even though the roof felt is still intact.
06/17/17 | Carla


I bought this for my cats I wasn't overly keen on the colour of it or the roof felt colour so spent a couple of days painting it and changing the roof felt to black, it is very well made, at the moment the balcony has been used by Victoria and have tempted her inside with some cat biscuits but have yet to catch them in it, I bought a couple of slabs and have made them alittle patio too, I love it, it's so very cute, and I'm sure when it gets cold or rains they will be fighting to get inside
05/26/17 | Florrie

Maisonette Outdoor Cat House

Fabulous Cat House, arrived in good condition and very, very quickly. Unbelievable. Excellent quality, so well made, great colour and really easy to put together. Hubby took around 20 mins. It is placed in the garden and our little Cleo has sniffed around and has been in the snuggly bit twice (lots of room in there), where I've placed something comfy for her to lie on. She only stayed a short while, cleaning herself. She hasn't tried any other part of the house yet, but I'm hopeful.

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