Definitely NOT beige

It’s really lovely and the cats like it but the colour is much darker than advertised, so I am disappointed with that
05/25/20 | Gemma & Spencer

Love it

Absolutely love it!! Not only is it pretty but it’s functional too and Spencer loves it (once I added his own blankets, he can be a bit odd as only cats can 😹). Delivery was really fast and price point is great!! Thanks once again Zooplus
08/24/18 | Rachel


We have two small rescue kitties who have rejected most “cat” things we have ever bought, from beds to scratching posts. This is the exception! It’s been in our bedroom for 2 days and they have spent a lot of time snuggling inside it (sometimes squished in together!) or stretched out on top. It’s in a window and they are clearly loving it. Hurrah! Cheap but looks expensive and feels very solid. Cushions are even washable!
07/24/18 | Pam

Great bed to cats will chew it

Bought this for my 3 cats. the 2 boys love it but my bog boy thinks its just something to chew. He bit through the sticks at the window so I cut the rest out, now he`s chewing on the edges of the window and door. Its not going to last even a month.

Sturdy and well made

Saw this at a friend's house, went home and ordered one for my own cats straight away. Great size and design, very solid, looks attractive too. Arrived today and all three cats have been in and on it. Nice soft pads included for them to sleep on too.
04/14/18 | Ewa

Great product

I have 2 cats, one loves it, the other one thinks about it :) it looks great in the living room.
02/16/18 | Leyla


Having read all the positive reviews about this item, I wanted to buy it for my cat. Having placed the order, the den came after a few days. My cat checked it out but WILL NOT use it LOL!
01/15/18 | angela

cat heaven

i purchased this for my cats as a way to introduce different types of sleeping options as i have several cats and i have to say that this den is ideal for my older cat i think the extra cushion and pet blanket has made it every soft and snuggly. i have purchased another one in brown
01/13/18 | Viv

My Tonto loves his cave!

My cat is a little on the "larger than life" category weighing 7.5kgs so I was concerned that even the larger size may be too small but he fits in the little cave just fine. He liked it straight away. He also likes the "flat roof" and hes been perched there all evening. At 29.99 it was a good price and as Tonto loves it, I'm happy.
08/06/17 | Karen

Good buy and looks nice, cat loves it too so.....

Both my cats are rather large so was worried they may not fit inside the den but there is loads of room. They have never showed interest in beds I have purchased before but were both curious with this one and within an hour I notice one (the girl cat) sleeping completely chilled in the bottom part of the den, she later ventured to the top, she appears to have claimed this den to herself as she will not let her brother share so debating whether to buy second one for him,good buy and looks good
08/03/17 | Amanda

Great Value

Excellent product, sturdy and a great price. My two cats fit underneath and snuggle up together - they love it. Great value for money.
07/19/17 | Enesha Bennett

Cats love it!

Both my cats love this!
06/23/17 | Patricia Plummer


My two cats love this product very much
05/01/17 | Helen Deas

Lovely to look at but wonky base

The cats love sitting on top of this, looking at the garden, occasionally one above, one hiding down below. It looks lovely but wobbled badly, until I put an anchovy tin under one corner. Now very stable. A visiting Pekinese puppy also like the little house, so . ideal for very small dogs as well as cats.

Kitty house

Really pleased with this both my tabbies frequently use it...one of them is quite a chunky boy and he happily squeezes in ok! They use both the roof area and the inside - not found both on it at the same time though!!
03/25/17 | Jane S

Kittens love the Pueblo House

Our four week old kittens love the Pueblo House - they play and sleep in it! I'm sure that as they grow they will continue to enjoy it. It looks good too. Great product
02/09/17 | Ellen

Day bed

Both my cats will lay on and in this very attractive day bed. I have it at the top of my stairs and Bronwyn likes to sleep up top and keep an eye on things. I gave another as a gift to my friend and her 5 cats loved it straight away.
02/05/17 | Lisa

Love it.

This was every bit as nice as I was hoping. Well packed and nice quality. Both my kittens love it and sleep in it regularly. Perfect for us as the previous bed was a soft igloo style and generally one kittens liked to sleep 'in' the bed the igloo and the other liked to sleep 'on' the bed (squashing the other inside). This bed therefore allows them both their preferred bed type and it's a nicer addition to the sitting room than the previous bed also. Very much recommend this bed. I could be tempted to buy a second for up stairs.
01/26/17 | Jewel

Lovely basket but would like larger size and higher rim

Lovely design and came well wrapped. A good size but my cat often likes to lie stretched out and this is a bit too small to enable him to do that. I would have liked the rim on the top level to be as high at the front as it is at the back, to enclose my cat as I think he would feel more secure when asleep. Had it 2 days and he's only been on it for treats yet. Here's hoping he uses it. Looks nice in lounge anyway.
01/15/17 | Lisa

Keeps the boys off my desk (sometimes)

They like being as close as possible but it was hard to get work done with furry bums on the keyboard. This has been a hit! They're quite big so the double story gives them both an option without having to fight for space. Completely ignored if I'm not in the room but a great laptop alternative if I am.

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