01/16/19 | ELS

Great food paws up

My female dsh cant get enough of this tin food she loves all varieties. Also likes the Smilla biscuits , i left the bag out big mistakes as she bit it and ate loads!! No more help your self in this house so had to put her food in a big plastic box!!
04/15/18 | Jan Callow

Five out of Five Cats

Five out of five cats wont touch it. Not the most successful of purchases :(
03/02/18 | Nichola

Tuna and Chicken

I have two cats, one who prefers wet food and another who prefers dry, so finding food they will both eat is tricky. Having tried the mixed pack, I found they'll only touch the tender fish and poultry - Tuna and Chicken (not to be confused with the tender poultry and fish, which is more like a paté). There are visible chunks of real meat and it smells good. I see the quality in my cats' fur and eyes. I also feed them Almo Nature Holistic Chicken & Rice dry food in the morning.

Not very impressed

both kittens seem to have gone off this at the same time. Tolerated it to start with but now won't touch it even when they're hungry ..
01/26/18 | Eva

Ragdolls love it, Persian just ok

The tender chicken tins go down better, and they all seem to love the tuna and sardine tins. They are not as dry as the tuna only ones. I rotate tins randomly with other 3 wet food brands, so that I won't be stuck when they stop eating one for some strange reason we humans will never get.

Nice for a snack

My cat loves this. It is quite dry so you should add water to it when you serve it (I always add water to my cat's food anyway). My cat is very fussy and gets bored easily so I only feed him a little of this every now and then.

Great find for diabetic cat parents on a budget

My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and I set out to change her diet to get her on the right track. Most widely-available supermarket foods are pretty rubbish with sketchy labelling and have grains/sugars/whatever else -- just not suitable for a diabetic. I was happy to find Smilla has a high declared meat content without grains, sugars, or other fillers, and at a great price. I add a little water, and the cat gobbles it up without any GI issues or sugar spikes. Her new go-to food!
02/26/17 | Leah

Cats like it!

I feed 2 of my cats this food and they always clean their bowls! It's a great price too!! Only thing I would say is food seems a bit dry, so I do add a bit of water to it and mix it in and they love it!! Would definitely recommend.
02/12/17 | Charlie

Great product but cats aren't keen

Great product; it is a good price, good ingredients and no rubbish in it like standard cat food. Helpful being able to buy mixed fish and poultry packs to try out on my cats who are used to whiska-type rubbish. Cats do not like it as much as Animonda or Bozita tetrapak chunks. One cat refuses to eat the poultry hearts and neither are keen on the tuna tins (which the fish pack mainly consists of). The poultry with lamb also makes one cat sick. Will purchase again but only plain chicken.

Thank you Smilla and Zooplus

Bought this to try and build up a very sick, undernourished stray cat that has come into our care. Within only a few weeks she is thriving, full of energy, silky coat and much more content.
02/06/17 | Rebecca Jones

Good quality cat food

Our cat is quite fussy and isn't keen on the tuna but she loves the limited edition poultry with veal and it doesn't have the normal cat food smell- it smells good enough for humans to eat too! Will continue to buy.
12/20/16 | Cheryl

Just ok

Bought the mixed fish pack for my four cats to try. Considering the high meat/fish content I thought they would love it but their reaction was very disappointing. They absolutely hated the tuna variety and the other flavours were just 'ok'. I wouldn't buy it again.
12/09/16 | Nemo

Love the meat hate the fish

My cats have always loved Smilla; so I thought I'd try them with the tuna flavours. They won't touch it !! They'd rather starve - whereas they wolf down the chicken, lamb, beef etc;
09/21/16 | Dawn Mckenna

Clean bowls all around

I brought this product on the basis of the good reviews, my cat wolfs down all but one flavour and her fur feels amazingly soft since I started her on this and her grain free dry food.
01/24/16 | Chloe

Cats not keen

Foolishly bought the enormous tins not realising quite how big they were. food is very dry very difficult to get out of the tin, cats didn't really like it stuck with loads of giant tins now, not sure what to do with them
01/09/16 | Dee

My kitten loves this

My kitten loves this food and we love feeding it to her. The bowl is always licked clean and impressed that I can see real bits of tuna and sardines. She has a shiny coat and bags of energy, we think it's from feeding higher quality foods rather than whiskas etc which is full of sugars and grains with very little meat.
12/19/15 | Jason Newell

Tuna! Smells great, looks like fish not corn beef!

My 2 cats loved the tuna. I was very impressed by the smell, consistency and price.
11/24/15 | Vanessa

A good value food

My cat really enjoys this, he does get bored so I only order the 200g tins. He eats this food when put down and often 'screams' to say more please. It has also had the seal of approval from a sneaky doggy. I will be ordering more trial packs, I simply don't need the amount required to order each flavour individually.
11/10/15 | Zoe

Safi loves it!

My 7 month old kitten loves Smilla, Chicken and Fish, Chicken with Poultry Hearts and the Tuna with Sardines. It is moist but not sloppy, plenty of meat/fish in the formula and a great price, cheaper than the well known brands sold in the supermarkets that contain very little meat.
10/23/15 | Gillian Dunphy

Not a hit

I threw more out than the cats ate, they did not like it at all

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