08/01/14 | Julie Walker

My cats love it

I have 8 cats and 1 in particular is very fussy. She doesn't like to eat when the others are around and often wont eat all the food in her bowl. We've recently had to medicate her food so it was essential that she eat it all. Since I started her on Gourmet Perle she's been licking the bowls clean. Happy cat. Happy human.
06/09/14 | Jill Barry


Cat food suppliers must know that some cats are extremely fussy and simply won't eat some varieties. Why oh why are we forced to buy four varieties in one pack - 50% of which ends up in the bin? It is costly and extremely frustrating. My cat happens to love Tuna and Duck - and sometimes chicken. He wont touch fish, beef,rabbit, turkey or lamb.He won't touch the sauces or combination mixes. Then I think I've solved the problem by discovering a large pack of Tuna. But the Duck cannot be bought in a single (non) variety pack. So once again I am stuck. I've had animals for twenty years - and the system remains the same. I've spoken to so many pet owners about this and they all feel the same. To end on a positive. The Gourmet Perle fillets in gravy are generally excellent. But please, please can we have some more single variety packs?
09/26/11 | eva

So Good

I have two cats, one who will eat almost anything I put in front of her but my male cat has been extremely fussy since day one. Once I put a plateful of Gourmet Perle in front of him there was no going back. And he loves all the varieties. No more worries about cat food now. They have been eating Gourmet for more than 5 years now (with the occassional Applaws as well) and now it is even easier for me to order from Zooplus.
02/18/11 | Anna Hills

Gentle on the tummy!

I have been experimenting with different foods for my Ragdoll cat, who has a very sensitive stomach and will vomit some varieties of cat food. I have been feeding this to my cat for about a month now and he hasn't vomitted since. The ingredience is very natural and the chicken flakes are very easy for him to digest. He loves this food too and can't wait for me to place it in his bowl.
07/16/10 | Nadine Li

best cat food ever

I have 7 cats 5 adults and 2 kittens they absolutely adore this cat food and it works out much cheaper than in shops and free delivery as well Im well impressed thank you

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