Fantastic food- saved my cats life!

My cat made national news this week- he is three and a half, and survived a vicious and terrible attack from a local cat hunter. Samson was so healthy, so well fed, and so fit, that he survived TWO life threatening operations, and was strong enough to do so! I can not recommend Applaws enough!!!

My cats are obsessed with this food

We have six cats, ranging in age from 1 to 18 years. They don't agree about much, but they are obsessed with this food, which they get as a treat. And I can't really blame them. The tuna, for instance, looks worryingly similar to something a human would happily eat. This food isn't cheap, but the quality of the ingredients means it's reasonable value. I would recommend this stuff to cheer up any cat who has a poor appetite, is fussy or generally needs a boost.
06/03/18 | gillian walker

life saver !

my underweight failure to thrive kitten turned out to have a food allergy, probably lactose intolerance. After trying a variety of foods(most of which made him sick) we came across applaws and never looked back. He particularly likes the ocean fish and has one 70g tin a day to supplement his hills science plan biscuits. five years later, and hes loving it as much as ever. its worth paying the price to watch him lap it up and love it. the two dogs try there best to lick his whiskers afterwards.
01/24/18 | Sally

Best food ever!

We had previously been feeding our two 1 year old cats Lilly's kitchen when they suddenly stopped eating it. I wanted to keep feeding them something with a high meat content so after a lot of googling bought a multipack from my local pet shop and it was a resounding success! They get so excited that they try to start eating before I've even managed to put it into their bowls! now I know they'll eat it I buy it off here in bulk as it's the cheapest I've found it anywhere - delivery is good too!

Vanished in seconds

We just have our 1 year old car a tin as part of a free trial pack - he wolfed it down and is asking for more.
11/15/17 | M muir

Cats love it

Yes, the cats love it, BUT it is not a complete food it is just a complimentary food and as such is not adequate for constant feeding so you need to use this in conjunction with a complete food.
09/11/17 | Ingrid

No waste

My very fussy 13 year old cat loves this, never anything left in the bowl. Considering he seemed to hate any food in jelly, it seems to be a totally different kind of jelly and compared to some other brands - is excellent stuff!
09/06/17 | SK McC

Good natural food

We chose this brand of wet food as it lists specifically meat composition, and low on grain to try and keep our cat healthy from diabetes. We supplement 1 can in the morning with Applaws dry food out all day and half a pouch of other wet food we're trying to finish the stock off in the evening. Our 4kg cat usually finishes most of the chicken, but some remnants that do remain tends to dry out when it's left out during the day and stick on the bowl so requires soaking.
08/31/17 | Laura

Adored by the Cats

My kittens absolutely love Applaws. When I fill their bowls they're so excited to dig in. My older kitten used to pick at her previous foods and seemed to eat out of necessity rather than enjoyment. Now her mealtimes are a highlight of her day. It's also comforting to know that my cats are eating actual meat.

Tasty, but not a complete food

Cats seemed to like it, and it's full of real meat pieces. I realised after ordering it's not a complete food. I do think this should be made more obvious in the title of products on this site, for those who might not check the label, and end up with a very poorly kitty.
08/15/17 | Zara

Our kitten loves the tuna one

Our kitten refuses to eat and wet food apart from this the tuna one! He has literally turned his nose up and everything apart from this. It's not like normal wet food, this is literally tuna in a tin. Will be ordering again soon as he loves it so much,
02/10/17 | James Henderson

Use a can opener

One of our cats is very fussy and a diet of any of the fish-based wet Applaws plus any dry Applaws is the only one she will reliably eat. The ringpull on the can leaves a rim that makes it hard to get all the food out, so I always open with a can opener.

Both my cats love this

One of my cats has a skin allergy although I've not been able to fully identify all the triggers. This food seems to be fine for him though & both him & his brother gobble it up every time! It does seem to vary (I buy the tuna & cheese variety) in consistency between batches with some more watery than others & some with yellow cheese vs White & some with bigger chunks of both tuna & cheese than others. All in all a good complementary food along with a complete dry food & not bad value for the quality when you buy in bulk.

Perfect for fussy eaters

My cat suffers from IBS and is a very fussy eater. These cans are the perfect alternative to the "boring" dietary food she normally has and does not affect her condition.

Excellent value

This Applaws is excellent value for money, I think, because it is all meat or fish, with no by products in it like other cat food on the market and is cheaper than compatible food in the supermarkets, such as Encore
12/27/16 | Susan Baker

Meat in the tin has become less

I have bought this food for awhile for my cats, it's expensive but I always buy in bulk to cut cost. The last batch of 48 cans or more that I bought. My husband and I both noticed the amount of meat packed in to the cans has decreased and there seems to be more juice and rice. I must say I am highly disappointed as the cost has not changed. My cats don't seem to I've the food as much either. I am now looking at changing their food because of this.

Change in recipe

My cat's diet was been changed to nothing but Applaws, because the benefits of solely eating this range, outweighs the increase in price. However, I have noticed there is a distinct change in the Sardine & Mackerel, whereby, the chunks of fish have been replaced with a mushy consistency & it states 5% rice, in the ingredients, although, that is an understatement, because there is, now, a large amount of soaked rice, which I assume has been added, in order, to pad out the meal & in turn reduces the need for whole pieces of fish, which obviously keeps the costs down, at the manufacturing stage, however, the price I pay for the food hasn't decreased. Why do companies change a popular food item, at the risk of losing business? Yes, Applaws is one of the most expensive pet food, but, buying it in large quantities is actually economical, in addition to the fact that, up until these alterations, my cat would eat every single morsel, which meant I wasn't throwing away unwanted/leftover food. Now, I am inundated with tins of food that my cat refuses to eat & Applaws has an extremely disappointed & frustrated customer.
12/17/16 | beata

yummy snack for my kitten

my ragdoll kitten loves it. its good portion for him at the moment as he is 3 months old. good guality as otherwise Gizmo would not eat it:)

Kittens favourite!

While it might not be the cheapest, my kitten absolutely LOVES the kitten applaws tins! Each serving that I have given has been finished off in no time at all with no waste, as even the bowl gets properly cleaned off by the kitten trying not to miss any of the food! Really like that Zooplus sell the variety packs. Highly recommend!
10/10/16 | Nicola

You can see the difference eating Applaws makes.

My cats absolutely love these products. They mostly have chicken and pumpkin to help their digestion but they love the tuna flavours too and go crazy for the tuna loin treat. You can see the difference between this and other cat foods. It gives all three cats a beautiful shiny coat. I can't say how pleased I am with Applaws. Such great value too.

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