Valentine’s Day: Gift Ideas for Kitty Cats!

valentines day cat gifts

One heart and soul: you can give your cat too a little treat for Valentine's Day.

Like so many this time of year, we want to treat our loved ones to something special, so this year, why not treat your best four-legged friend to a little Valentine’s Day love?

Check out our top picks for our favourite gift ideas for you to spoil your cats with this Valentine's Day:

Spend extra time with your cat on Valentine's Day

Whether that’s a cosy cuddle or giving them their favourite treats, what better way is there to show your pet just how much you love them this Valentine's Day.

If you know you would like to spend more time with your pet, why not check out some great books on clicker training for cats, which is a great way to strengthen the bond between you both and a fun way to learn new tricks along the way.

Clicker training with cats

All you need for it is a clicker, tasty reward snacks, a cat and some patience – it’s that easy.

With a few minutes of clicker training each day, you can practise little tricks in a few weeks. Clicker training is also suitable for elderly or sick cats, i.e. animals that are less able to get worn out by playing whilst stimulating their senses and helping them learn new things.

Massages for cats

There's no question that a good tummy rub or a tickle behind the ears can be just what the kitty cat ordered!

Play, play, play: top toys for cats

Play time is different for every cat but can be one of their favourite things to do no matter the time of day. So why not spend an extra hour cuddling, playing and enjoying time spend with your cat this Valentine's Day and surprise them with a gift!

valentines day cat treats
Almost all cats will love a long massage as a Valentine's Day gift.

Indoor cats in particular love the variety that new toys bring, whether it’s a swish of a feather or squeak of a toy mouse. The choices you have are endless – but don’t fear, we have put together some of our favourite ideas just for you:

Made with love: DIY Valentine's Day toys for your cat

If you would prefer to make something yourself for your cat, then we’ve got numerous DIY ideas for Valentine's Day toys for your cat:

Sniffing carpet

Try hiding treats in a home-made sniffing carpet! A great way for pets to find hidden treats in the comfort of your home.

How you make it:

You will need scissors, some fleece material or other scraps of fabric and that’s it! Just cut and knot for an hour or two and your home made sniffing carpet for cats will be finished.

Catnip socks

Many cats love the smell of catnip (valerian root), which funnily enough reminds the zooplus team of stinky feet - but we’re not here to judge our fur-friends!

Why not get crafty for your kitties on Valentines Day with a homemade catnip sock! These are very easy to make at home. You only need an old (clean) cotton sock, 125g dried rice and catnip. We would suggest about two teaspoons.

Mix the rice with the valerian and fill both into the sock. Tie it securely and you're done!

Whether cardboard or corks – many things can be used! Find more ideas on homemade cat toys head over to our following article: Making your own cat toys: 5 easy and cheap DIY ideas.

valentines day cat love
A cat basket ensures feel-good moments for purring.

What dreams are made of: Cuddly pillows and cosy beds

Would you like to give your cat a Valentine's Day gift that will make them happy all year round? Then why not check out our cuddly and cosy cat beds! Most cats love new places to lie – especially if they're soft and comfy.

Our favourite cat beds for Valentine's Day:

The cuddlier the better? The Mochi Cat Bed is ideal for your feline friend. Fluffy and with a high rim, it gives cats a real sense of security when they sleep.

You can express your love with the Trixie Leika Plush Cat Bed. It is cosy and full of lots of cuddly comfort for your cat and also has a beautiful and loving design.

If you are looking for a blanket for your sofa which your cat can curl up comfortably then check out our blankets.

The Princess Snuggle Bed is fluffy and offers comfort in all places with an extra heart cushion.

Hearty cat snacks for Valentine's Day

Cat snacks are a great option to give your cat a Valentine's Day treat! Smilla Hearties are delicious heart-shaped treats and handily come in a resealable box.

Valentine's Day gifts for cat lovers

Would you like to give a cat owner a Valentine's Day treat and include their fur-friends too? Whilst we think it’s always best to check with owners before you buy treats or food we’d suggest looking for treats on our website that are digestible grain-free snacks, as they are tolerated by most cats. Even if you need to ask the owner first, don’t worry as it’ll still be a surprise for the cat!

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