Small Pet Breeds

9 min

Angora Rabbit

Angora rabbits are primarily known for their fluffy fur used in production of the angora wool. Due to their numerous health problems, you shouldn't support the breeding of Angora rabbits. If it has to be an Angora rabbit, it's best to go to an animal shelter.

6 min

Dutch Rabbit

Rabbit experts know that the Dutch Rabbit is a special breed, because it is the only rabbit with its unique coat pattern. As well, it impresses breeders and owners with an even-tempered character. Get to know these long-eared beauties in the breed profile.

10 min

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are cute, cuddly, clever, and make great pets, even for younger children. When handled correctly, they can be sociable and ‘chatty’. Although they make excellent pets for children, an adult should always take responsibility for making sure they are well cared for, adequately fed and housed and handled properly.

7 min

Holland Lop

Simply adorable, little Holland Lops with long lop ears conquer the hearts of all animal lovers in a flash! With the right care and plenty of affection, these cute rodents are ideal pets for the whole family. Read more on owning Holland Lops.

6 min

Peruvian Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs have been popular pets for years. If you're looking for a particularly marvellous guinea pig, you will definitely strike lucky with the Peruvian guinea pig. These sweet mopheads don't just impress with their cheeky hairstyle, but with their lively character too. However, their long fur does require a certain amount of grooming.

7 min

Teddy Rabbits

Teddy rabbits are dwarf rabbits. With their plush fur and round bodies, they are real furballs. As cute as they may look, you should refrain from purchasing teddy rabbits for ethical reasons, because these little rabbits have a problematic breeding history.

7 min

Vienna Blue

The name says it all: the Vienna Blue rabbit breed originally comes from Austria. With their shiny blue-grey fur, rabbits of this breed aren't just very attractive to look at, but also have a loving character. In addition, these pleasant long-eared pets are robust and low-maintenance.

2 min

Yellow Necked Mouse

It is no surprise that the yellow necked mouse, which is very active at night and not normally found in areas where humans live, is not at all well-known. Until this century, this rodent was not differentiated from its sibling species, the wood mouse, which is known to most people.