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Green Food for Small Pets

The most natural food for rodents like rabbits, guinea pigs and co is fresh and juicy. Many types of fruits and vegetables are much-loved by most rodents and, in addition, they contain healthy vitamins and minerals!

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Poisonous Plants for Small Pets

During the summer, many small pets enjoy free run of the garden. However, not everything that is green is good to eat! Check your garden regularly for any potentially dangerous or poisonous plants before letting your small pet explore.

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Agility for Small Pets

Agility is not a concept known only to dog lovers. Cat owners also know all about obstacle courses that encourage agility and trust in every participant. Small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, chipmunks, chinchillas and rats are also glad to have some variety in their lives.

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Diarrhoea in Rabbits

Rabbit faeces can be easily recognised by their typical round shape. If your rabbit's faeces suddenly become more fluid or turn from dark brown to red in colour, it has diarrhoea. Since diarrhoea in rabbits can lead to serious consequences, you should know when you have to go to the vet.

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Meteorism (tympanites, flatulency) in rabbits

Is your rabbit stretching all its legs and tapping with its paws? Then you should go to the vet, because these could be signs of meteorism. We will explain how the vet can help your rabbit and how you can protect rabbits from meteorism.

6 min

Peruvian Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs have been popular pets for years. If you're looking for a particularly marvellous guinea pig, you will definitely strike lucky with the Peruvian guinea pig. These sweet mopheads don't just impress with their cheeky hairstyle, but with their lively character too. However, their long fur does require a certain amount of grooming.

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Dutch Rabbit

Rabbit experts know that the Dutch Rabbit is a special breed, because it is the only rabbit with its unique coat pattern. As well, it impresses breeders and owners with an even-tempered character. Get to know these long-eared beauties in the breed profile.

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Angora rabbits are primarily known for their fluffy fur used in production of the angora wool. Due to their numerous health problems, you shouldn't support the breeding of Angora rabbits. If it has to be an Angora rabbit, it's best to go to an animal shelter.

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