4 min

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin?

Autumn is pumpkin season. But are dogs allowed to eat pumpkin? Of course! We will tell you what you must pay attention to and how you can enjoy the pumpkin season with your dog safely and above all, with plenty of vitamins.
5 min

Baking dog cakes: three tasty recipes

Is it your dog's birthday? Maybe it will get a new toy as a present. To celebrate the day, you can also bake your dog a tasty dog cake or pie. It's not difficult at all. Here you will find three recipes that your dog is guaranteed to like. 
4 min

Making your own dog advent calendar

Advent calendars are one of the nicest things about the run-up to Christmas: opening a little door every day and enjoying a new surprise. It isn't at all difficult to make your own dog advent calendar. This makes the wait until the festive period sweeter for your four-legged family member too.
5 min

Why does my dog dig in the garden?

Do you have your own garden where you enjoy spending time with your dog? Great! But if your dog digs in the garden, this can soon spoil the mood for hobby gardeners. We will explain why your dog digs in the garden and how you can wean it off this.
6 min

Dog Clicker Training

Were you fascinated by clicking toy frogs during your childhood? The clicker is a rather similar device. The working principle is the same: You click on an in-built button and a soft cracking sound is heard. The following article summarises the most important information for you on the subject of clicker training with dogs.
15 min

The 10 Most Popular Dog Tricks

Lifting their paws, standing on their rear legs or catching treats in the air? You and your dog will become stars with these 10 tricks! Best of all, they don't just entertain the public, but also challenge your dog physically and mentally. At the same time, practising tricks together strengthens the bond between humans and animals.
3 min

Depression in Dogs

Dogs are known for always being cheerful and a man's best friend. But what happens when the joy vanishes and your dog is depressed? Find out through this article the most important information on the subject of depression in dogs.
5 min

Painkillers for Dogs

Painkillers are one of the most common groups of medication used by vets. It's not surprising – they take away pain from dogs and contribute to a significant improvement in their quality of life. But what painkillers are there available for dogs and what do you have to consider in terms of administration?
7 min

Alaskan Husky

In contrast to its pedigree relatives, the Alaskan Husky was frowned upon amongst sledge dogs for a long time. However, the image of this hybrid has improved – with good reason. Read here how the Alaskan Husky has gained recognition despite not being an official dog breed.
9 min

Small Münsterländer

These dogs are defined by many positive qualities and are also very pleasing on the eye. This leads to more and more people wanting to keep Small Münsterländers solely as companion dogs. However, the Small Münsterländer is primarily a hunting dog for hunters. We will introduce you to these versatile gun dogs.
8 min

Italian Sighthound

Previously also known as the Italian Greyhound, the Italian Sighthound is the smallest sighthound breed. According to the breed standard, the Italian Sighthound is the prototype of tenderness and elegance. However, sighthound fans value most of all its friendly and curious nature.
4 min

Mantrailing with Dogs

Dogs don't just have a better sense of smell than their owners. They usually have a better intuition too – which says everything you need to know about mantrailing with dogs. We will explain how you can recognise, whether your dog is also suited for this scent work and what you as a beginner need for mantrailing.
6 min

CaniSports: Tips, Equipment and Commands

Dog sledge racing doesn't just take place in bitter-cold Alaska: CaniSports guarantee fun even without snow. Before diving into this fast-paced adventure ride with your dog, here are the most important information and commands to get started with this fascinating dog sport.
4 min

My Puppy Bites – What Should I Do?

Puppies have 28 teeth from the age of around six weeks. These pinpoint mini weapons can prick unpleasantly but are unlikely to cause any serious damage. Nevertheless, all dog owners should focus strongly on their puppy learning to inhibit their bite. So, what can I do if my puppy bites?  From time to time we hear that bite inhibition is innate and doesn't have to be trained any further. However, this misconception can have serious consequences - this ability is significant for dogs and humans being able to live together safely. It prevents dangerous injuries should an abnormal situation arise from the animal's point of view. 
4 min

Training puppies to be relaxed on the lead

It's important to teach your dog to be relaxed on a lead. Your dog pulling can turn pleasant walks into a test of patience. Pulling can be a particularly serious problem if your dog is a large, heavy breed and difficult to control. Especially when your dog decides it wants to dart off in a different direction. Problems with walking your dog on a lead start from puppyhood, but with a bit of know-how and a little patience, you can lay the best foundation for happy on-lead walking in future.
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Depression in Dogs

Dogs are known for always being cheerful and a man's best friend. But what happens when the joy vanishes and your dog is depressed? Find out through this article the most important information on the subject of depression in dogs.