Dog Agility and Games

6 min

Agility for Small Dogs

Only for big dogs? No way! Small dogs too can have plenty of fun with agility. Find out here whether your little dog is suited to this dynamic dog sport and which five factors you as a dog owner have to take into account.
2 min

Agility with your Dog

Are you and your dog bored of always going on the same walks? Do you both want to experience something a little more exciting? Then agility might be just the thing for you! Agility is a modern dog sport that can help to improve communication between you and your dog and is particularly ideal for outdoor fun in the summer.
4 min

Canicross – fun with running

Many dog lovers enjoy doing exercise together with their dog – off the beaten track too. For fit human-animal duos or those aspiring to this status, canicross is an ideal sport that allows them to enjoy nature together. It involves the dog pulling its human companion along the terrain with the help of a flexible lead. This doesn't just keep up fitness levels, but also strengthens basic obedience and the connection between human and animal, provided that it is practised responsibly.
3 min

Dog Dancing

Sit, stay and paw – most dogs can master these commands with minimal problems! But dancing?! Alongside agility and obedience, dog dancing is another popular pastime in the canine community.
5 min

Dog yoga

Many people are currently spending more time than usual at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Not just gym closures have led many people to look for opportunities to keep fit in the four walls of their home. All the better if their dog benefits too. So how about dog yoga? We'll offer tips for interested yoga fans and those who want to become one.
3 min

What to Bear in Mind When Going Cycling With Dogs

What's better than going on a nice bike ride in the great outdoors on a warm summer day? It's even more fun with your four-legged friend! How do we get a dog used to running alongside as we cycle and what do we have to bear in mind when we going cycling with our dog?