Dog Training

5 min

Anxious Dogs – What To Do?

Like with us humans, dogs can be courageous daredevils or fearful followers that are extremely cautious about new things. It can become problematic if a dog is very fearful in day-to-day situations or overreacts: a loud noise, staircase or certain people can fluster dogs out of all proportion. An overly fearful dog doesn't just make daily life complicated, but it is also a big strain for your dog itself. In the following article, we will give you some tips on how to help your dog to become more self-assured.
3 min

Can we kiss dogs?

Many dog owners kiss their dogs and cats, so we can only hope that they have brushed their own teeth and their pet's too! But joking aside – cuddling and snuggling with animals isn't just unhygienic in certain cases, but can also be dangerous.
9 min

Disobedience in dogs

When dogs don't want to obey, this is both stressful and from time to time rather dangerous. Stopping an instinct-driven dog that ignores its owner's commands can be challenging. But why do some dogs refuse to be obedient? How can you avoid errors in training and how can you teach your dog to be obedient?
6 min

Dog Clicker Training

Were you fascinated by clicking toy frogs during your childhood? The clicker is a rather similar device. The working principle is the same: You click on an in-built button and a soft cracking sound is heard. The following article summarises the most important information for you on the subject of clicker training with dogs.
5 min

Gentle Training: Leaving Your Puppy Alone

Being particularly social animals, dogs love the company of their pack. Nevertheless, every adult dog should be capable of staying on its own for short periods of time. This will need to be trained early on in life, as a fully-grown dog that has never been left alone will struggle to adapt.
7 min

Guide Dogs

Be it with traffic lights, stairs or doors, a guide dog helps its blind or severely visually impaired owner get safely through day-to-day life. This allows many blind people to live a more independent life. Intensive training is behind this. Read here what guide dogs can do and what training is like.
9 min

How to Calm Barking Dogs

“Their bark is worse than their bite.” This proverb may sound comforting, but dogs that bark constantly don't just take their toll on your nerves, but on your neighbours' too. But why do dogs actually bark? And can this annoying yapping be stopped? Regardless of whether the doorbell rings, someone comes to the fence or uses the stairs, other dogs or strangers get too close during walks or their caregiver comes home after going to the shops, some dogs seem to comment on every occurrence by barking loudly. Of course, barking is part of a dog's identity and is its way of expressing itself. But when dogs don't stop barking and yapping over a long period of time, you should sit up and take notice: if your dog barks excessively, a serious behavioural disorder could be behind it.
4 min

My Puppy Bites – What Should I Do?

Puppies have 28 teeth from the age of around six weeks. These pinpoint mini weapons can prick unpleasantly but are unlikely to cause any serious damage. Nevertheless, all dog owners should focus strongly on their puppy learning to inhibit their bite. So, what can I do if my puppy bites?  From time to time we hear that bite inhibition is innate and doesn't have to be trained any further. However, this misconception can have serious consequences - this ability is significant for dogs and humans being able to live together safely. It prevents dangerous injuries should an abnormal situation arise from the animal's point of view. 
7 min

Obedience Training for Dogs

The term “obedience training” is considered the high level of dog training and is offered in dog schools like agility. It originated from the American Kennel Club, a registered association for pedigree lineages in the US. Obedience training originally comes from utility dog sport (police and personal protection).
4 min

Puberty in dogs: What you should focus on

Constantly testing the boundaries and challenging your authority – welcome to your dog's puberty phase! But hold your head up high: with these tips, you will get on with and train your dog better during its difficult and stressful puberty phase.
6 min

Puppy Play Group: Learning for Life Through Play

Is your puppy feeling at home with you after the stressful first few days? Then now is the best time to start attending a puppy play group. We will explain why learning through play under the supervision of a dog trainer is important, how to find a good puppy play group as well as puppy games for at home.
15 min

The 10 Most Popular Dog Tricks

Lifting their paws, standing on their rear legs or catching treats in the air? You and your dog will become stars with these 10 tricks! Best of all, they don't just entertain the public, but also challenge your dog physically and mentally. At the same time, practising tricks together strengthens the bond between humans and animals.
13 min

Training adult dogs

The earlier you train your dog, the less problems they will cause later on. However, training adult dogs basic commands is still possible. We will show you what you should consider when training your adult dog and which seven exercises are perfect for beginners.
4 min

Training puppies to be relaxed on the lead

It's important to teach your dog to be relaxed on a lead. Your dog pulling can turn pleasant walks into a test of patience. Pulling can be a particularly serious problem if your dog is a large, heavy breed and difficult to control. Especially when your dog decides it wants to dart off in a different direction. Problems with walking your dog on a lead start from puppyhood, but with a bit of know-how and a little patience, you can lay the best foundation for happy on-lead walking in future.
9 min

Understanding and Training Aggressive Dogs

When dogs growl and bark, bare their teeth or even bite, human-canine cohabitation is severely put to the test. But why do some dogs turn aggressive and not others? And what can be done to prevent aggressive behaviour?
7 min

What dogs understand

Some dog lovers are sure that their canine companion understands them perfectly. Nevertheless, there are often misunderstandings between humans and dogs in day-to-day life, because what appears self-explanatory to us isn't always so clear for dogs. What do dogs really understand?
5 min

Why does my dog dig in the garden?

Do you have your own garden where you enjoy spending time with your dog? Great! But if your dog digs in the garden, this can soon spoil the mood for hobby gardeners. We will explain why your dog digs in the garden and how you can wean it off this.