Cat Nutrition

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Baking Cakes for Cats: Two Tasty Recipes

Is it your cats' birthday and you would like to give them a special treat? Cakes for cats are always a good idea, because real cat cakes aren't at all difficult. You can get started right away with our two recipe ideas.
4 min

Baking cat biscuits: quick, easy and delicious

Baking cat biscuits is fun, you know what's inside and you can adjust the recipe to make sure your cat enjoys them. Here are three delicious recipes for DIY cat biscuits. A lot of people find baking their own cakes or biscuits really fun. What's better than treating friends or family members to a delicious cake? So why not bake tasty cat biscuits for your feline friend too? But how do we actually make cat biscuits? Note: You should use lactose-free products with recipes containing dairy products like butter, cheese or yoghurt. Cats don't tolerate lactose.
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BARF – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for Cats

Virtually all cat owners have come into contact with the term 'BARF', but many animal lovers are not really sure what to make of this unknown quantity. What actually is 'BARF', why is 'biologically appropriate raw food' meant to be so healthy for cats and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this feeding method?
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Change of Diet for Cats

The cat food market offers cat owners a wide range of options: there is both wet and dry food for cats from numerous brands in several quality categories, flavours and varieties. This large selection of cat food presents cat owners with a big challenge. Which food is suitable for cats and in what quantity? There is also the possibility to follow the BARF diet and to provide home-cooked food. As well, the cat food market is constantly growing, so it's not surprising that cat owners sometimes like to change the type of food or to try out a new one. If the cat develops a food intolerance or has to eat a special food due to medical reasons, changing its diet is unavoidable. However, cats are often very fussy and tend to opt for one type of food and reject all other varieties. Hence, getting them used to a new type of food is anything but easy. As a result, you should proceed cautiously with changing the diet. This allows the cat to get used to the new flavour without irritating the stomach and bowels through a quick change. Also, you will avoid your cat completely rejecting the food.
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Food for Overweight Cats

It’s not just people who are becoming increasingly larger – our cats are suffering too! For this natural predator, normally so agile and flexible, being overweight can be just as dangerous as it is for humans. Too much feline flab overloads the joints, as well as disrupting the metabolism and creating a vicious circle: if you’re overweight you don’t want to move, and if you don’t move you gain more and more weight. But how exactly do you put your overweight cat on a “diet plan”?
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Food for Sensitive Cats

There can be many different causes for your beloved cat reacting sensitively to its favorite food, suddenly losing fur, breaking out in a rash, vomiting or its digestion going haywire. However, good advice doesn't necessarily have to be expensive! When it comes to nutrition for cats with allergies or food intolerances , the main priority is to avoid allergenic ingredients and specifically cater to the cat's special requirements.
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How a Sensitive Stomach Affects Cats

Around two-thirds of all cat owners think that a sensitive stomach has an impact on the general health of their cats. Food intolerances can lead to dull fur and bad skin. However, only in around a quarter of cases an intolerance can cause repeated vomiting and/or diarrhoea. It's important to differentiate intolerance from a real allergy, i.e. a reaction triggered by the immune system.
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Nutrition for Cats with Chronic Illnesses

When a cat is ill, a specialist diet can be helpful or can even prolong the cat's life. This type of food is adapted to each specific illness. ‘Diet’ doesn’t mean a reduction in calories here, rather a specific type of nutrition. In any case, you should always consult your vet before you switch your cat to dietetic food. This article offers you some information and tips about feeding a specialist diet to a cat with an illness.
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Organic Cat Food

Organic food is on-trend, even in the pet food market. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the frequently asked questions around organic food, such as what the term ‘Organic‘ actually means, and how organic cat food differs from other types of cat food. We’ll also examine the rules that affect how foods are classified as Organic, and whether Organic foods are really free from artificial hormones, antibiotics and growth enhancers.
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The Right Food for Indoor Cats

Our domestic cats are still predators on the inside. However, there are many reasons why we may choose to keep our cats indoors. For example, if your home has no garden attached or if you live close to a busy street, posing potential dangers to your cat – a risk that none of us are willing to take. Infectious diseases such as feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) can also be a reason for keeping your cat indoors, needing to reduce the risk of spreading the illness to other animals. Last but not least, there are some cats that just do not like going outdoors! Some cats are much happier lounging sedately around the house. Whatever the reason, your indoor cat will need a different kind of food from one that is running around outdoors all day.
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The Right Food for your Kitten

Just like puppies, kittens have specific nutrition needs in order to support healthy growth and development. Breed, age and temperament can all play a part in establishing these requirements – for example, boisterous, adventurous kittens will naturally require more energy than sleepyheads! Although it may look cute, you should take care that your kitten is not carrying any “puppy fat”, as the ribs should always be easy to feel through the fur and a waistline visible to ensure a healthy weight. Choosing the right kitten diet is essential in providing your young cat with all the energy and nutrients it needs to support it through its early rapid growth stages.
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Toxic Plants for Cats

Your garden is blooming in full splendour and your cat is nibbling at your garden plants with relish. As wonderful as this may seem, it can be life-threatening because not all plants are good for your cat's health! In this article you can find out everything on the important subject of toxic plants for cats.