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The best food for rabbits

Finally, the time has come – your new furry housemate has moved into its hutch! But are you sure you have chosen the right species-appropriate diet for your small pet?

The basics

Rabbits are grazers, depending on lots of little meals throughout the day. There is a good reason for this; these small pets have to constantly feed themselves to ensure the stomach contents can be passed piece by piece, with daily munching on fresh hay and straw helping to prevent digestive issues.

Hay is the way!

Hay is your rabbit’s ideal staple food, whilst processed rabbit foods containing grains should only be offered on a minimal basis. This is because grain does not naturally form part of a rabbit’s diet and can be harmful in large quantities. Weight gain and tooth displacement are just some of the possible consequences of a non-species-appropriate diet!

Fresh and juicy

Fresh food is a firm favourite amongst many rabbits and can also be a great deal cheaper than prepared food, particularly if you grow your own vegetables in your garden or have a park nearby with access to fresh grass and dandelions.

A rabbit’s favourite pastime? Gnawing!

Gnawing is a must for rabbits, allowing strong teeth to grow and ensuring there is constant wear to keep teeth healthy. Nibbling on wood and twigs is an ideal way to provide your new rabbit with regular dental care.

Don’t forget…

When searching for the ideal rabbit food, you must be sure to remember one key point – water! Water is a great thirst quencher and, as with any animal, is vital in ensuring your rabbit’s health. Make sure your small pet always has a supply of fresh water available.

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Take a look at our selection of small pet food!

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Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Take a look at our selection of small pet food!

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