Is my cat happy?

A Happy Cat

If we love someone, we obviously want them to be happy. We will gladly do what it takes to contribute to their happiness. Of course, this particularly applies when it comes to love for our four-legged feline friends with whom we share our lives. After all, they make us very happy too. For starters, you can be sure that if you allow your cat to live a species-appropriate life that fully suits its nature and needs, you're already doing a great deal to make it happy. On one hand, this involves appropriate activity with suitable toys that also fits with the intelligence of the breed or cat in question. A high-quality food is also very important. 

As well, your cat needs a scratching tree in order to be happy, which allows it to sharpen its claws and give off its own individual scent along with one or more draught-free places to retreat, such as a little cat house. The breed or nature of cats determines how much outdoor access they need. And you've already guessed what makes most cats really happy: stroking in abundance! 

If you can give your cat all of this, you can be pretty sure that it's happy. In order to be completely convinced that you're making your beloved cat happy, we have asked qualified cat experts for the unmistakeable signs of feline happiness. Here are their answers: 

The ten sure signs that your cat is the happiest in the world

 1. Exuberant swishing around

Is your beloved cat suddenly swishing through the garden, house or apartment for reasons unknown to you? Congratulations! You're doing something right and your cat evidently feels happy with you. Just like children expressing their love of life in this way, cats also do so to show their unfettered joie de vivre. 

Ginger cat in the grass
Kitten playing with toy mouse

2. Highly concentrated during play

Is your cute feline housemate playing with a cat toy such as a fishing rod or cushion and seems completely lost in the moment and its activity? Then it's very much certain that your cat is happy. They will particularly enjoy you dedicating as much time to them as possible, including playing together. Depending on the breed or temperament, cats love such forms of entertainment that encourage their intellect. For this purpose, there are intelligence toys that keep your cat's grey matter up to speed. 

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3. Purring to its heart's content

There can be numerous reasons for your feline friend purring, though it is generally a positive sign. Be aware though that it can very much indicate pain or fear too. However, you as a future friend to felines will be able to recognise through additional factors whether your cat is purring purely out of pleasure or if there is a negative cause. 

Cat sleeping in person's arms
Cat cuddles

4. It wants plenty of cuddles

Another good sign of your beloved cat being happy is obviously it coming to you in bed or on the sofa for cuddles, or by it meowing when you're working. Some cats start the day with you by hopping into your bed, cuddling up to you and perhaps even rubbing their nose against you in their desire to communicate. 

5. Rubbing its nose against you

Does your feline friend rub its little nose against yours or even different parts of your body? Then the chances are good that your cat feels so happy with you that it wishes to mark you with its scent. 

Cat and Child

6. It is talkative

Like with purring, this is mostly a very positive sign though it can indicate pain in certain circumstances. Again, it's down to you as the owner to use your empathy to correctly interpret the signs. 

7. It rolls around in the garden

If you observe that your beloved cat is lolling and rolling around in the garden and showing its stomach, it's almost certainly very happy. If you have catnip in the garden, happy cats love rolling around in it.

Cat lying in the grass
Cat eating wet food

8. It enjoys its food

Is there a high-quality, health-promoting cat food or an especially tasty treat and your cat eats it with real pleasure? This too is an unmistakeable sign of happiness. 

9. The tail is raised high

Does your cat hold its tail high with the tip rolled in to some degree? If your cat greets you in this way, perhaps also prowling around your legs, it is evidently satisfied. 

Cat on a lead

10. Lively bird watching

If a domestic or outdoors cat sits in its favourite sunlit spot in winter and excitedly watches the birds outside, you can also be quite sure that your cat feels happy. This is of course the case too if it is fascinated by watching fish in an aquarium or in the garden pond. Some cats are also happy watching football on TV, because they equate the ball to a mouse. And since they don't have a favourite team, they can't be sad when it loses. 

Keep making your cat happy and let it make you happy too! Good luck! 

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