Shopping list for new rodents

Funny Syrian hamster grey in children's shopping carts.

When a new member of the family is due to move in, there is usually lots of anticipation! Those who want to provide their fury friend with everything that it needs right from the start should acquire some essential items before their new pet moves in.

The Cage

Every small pet needs a cage and it should be as large as possible. Energetic small pets such as chipmunks should be kept in an aviary that has at least 1 meter squared of floorspace and is at least two meters high. Chinchillas also need lots of room to play and a high cage. Rabbits and guinea pigs need at least two meters squared of floor space per animal.

Food Bowls for Rodents

Food and water bowls should be safe for rodents and ideally made from stoneware or ceramics.

Equipment for the Cage

All small pets need study cage accessories that offer enough opportunities to play and have fun. The equipment should be based around the needs of each different species. Chinchillas prefer lots of levels to climb and jump on. Chipmunks also like lots of levels as well as places to sleep. With a little bit of imagination, you can conjure up an adventure playground with lots of possibilities to play and hide for your guinea pig, rabbit or hamster.

Nutrition for Rodents

Ask the vendor of your small pet what food it has been eating up to now. If you change your pet’s diet, it should be done slowly and cautiously.

Transportation Cage

You can use a special transportation cage to bring your new pet home with you or to the vet when necessary.

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