Intelligence Toys for Birds

Intelligence Toys for Birds

Eating and sleeping: this is what makes up the every day life of the majority of pet birds. Whilst life in the wild can be more varied than cage life, many pet birds live a fairly monotonous life.

This is why many exotic birds, particularly intelligent creatures such as parrots, enjoy the occasional puzzle! As well as providing your pet with a companion bird, you should also offer plenty of ways to keep life entertaining.

Types of Intelligence Toys

Alongside typical bird toys such as swings, seesaws, ropes, climbing frames and wooden nests, it can also be a good idea to offer intelligence toys that give parrots and parakeets something to ponder! Either homemade or store-bought toys can be used – it can be as simple as the centre of a toilet roll with holes in it, filled with food! Dog intelligence toys can also be great, giving your bird a chance to put its mind to good use in order to earn small rewards. Birds are likely to chew on toys, so be sure to choose materials that are non-toxic and untreated, preferably wood.

intelligence toys for birds

Depending on how you are feeling, it can also be fun to play with these intelligence toys with your bird, a great way to bring everyone together!

In the zooplus shop you will find a great range of bird toys, including challenging intelligence testers for parrots!

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