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Great buy

Received kennel after about 5 days. Very easy and quick to put together. Also very well made! Our Westie loves it. We are very pleased. Thank you Zooplus

Let down...literally

After a couple of months, I found that the floor had cracked and collapsed. Not impressed.

Excellent Value

The kennel arrived within a few days. This is a quality, very well made product. Very easy to assemble and looks really good. At this price and with free delivery I think this kennel is excellent value.

Christopher M Smith (09/07/10) Back to Trixie Natura Flat Roof Dog Kennel

niko dog house

ordered it monday and it was delivered thurs, easy assemble and is fine quality, easy to deal with and will buy again

Dog House

Can i say a big thank you for the fast delivery.It took 10 mins to make it up and it's a good strong house.Graet value for money Thanks a mill

Good place to live

I am a student with no money. this is the perfect flat for me. thanks zoo+

Great price - good product

In typical Zooplus service style this arrrived 2 days after ordering, excellent service time from Germany to Ireland :-) The kennel offers excellent value for money, you would be hard pushed to build it yourself any cheaper, assembly is particularly easy and takes but a few minutes. However some design elements are not all they could be. The hinges for the opening lid (nice touch that) attach directly to the upper timber on the side walls, as these are however the narrowest of all the side pieces they are only secured to the framework by a single staple at the rear end. Opening the lid causes these upper timber pieces to flex on this single staple, I suspect that with sustaned use this staple will give way requiring a repair on the side walls. The bolts attaching the main walls together are not supplied with any washers, these really should be fitted to prevent the nuts from biting into the timber on assembly. After nearly 3 months of ownership, now that the damp weather has arrived, the floor panels which initially had a loose fit with unwanted gaps between them have swolen to the extent that they now no longer fit correctly at all!

Great value for money

This is a solid & well designed dog house. It comes flatpacked with very easy instructions,(you probably won't even need them),. You just need a philips head screwdriver. All the screw holes are pre-sighted & everything fits together well.It took me 10 minutes. The wood is given a heavy coating of weatherproof stain so a few hours airing once constructed is a good idea. The roof is nicely weatherproofed with felt, is slanted to allow rain runoff & is very sturdy as is the whole house. Choose your size carefully as your dog will be providing its own warmth from its body heat so don't go too large. We chose a medium 85x58x58 & it is just right for our Westie. The 'to one side' entrance is great for improving warmth, keeping rain out & letting the dog keep out of view if it wants. The All in all a very well designed product, delivered quickly & safely and less than half the price you would normally be expected to pay.

Niko dog house

When I came across your web site I was very impressed ,so I ordered a niko dog house with flap door ,but I received a natura type house (not what I ordered )but these things happen so instead of sending it back I was lucky my son was looking for a kennel so I gave it to him .Thinking lightning could not strike twice I reordered a 2nd Niko the next day and you guessed it I got the wrong dog house again .I have not got time to send it back and risk receiving a 3rd incorrect product . I was going to start ordering dry food from you but sorry not now.

Brendan Mc Kenna , Ireland (03/03/09) Back to Trixie Natura Flat Roof Dog Kennel

also for cats

Nice, easy to assemble and good quality. Much cheaper than anywhere else ive looked.

Great value but watch the size

I got this delivered within a week and it was easy to assemble by myself. The only drawback is the height of the kennel inside. I have a wheaten terrier (about collie sized) and at first he would bang his head off the roof when he was inside - he has learned not to do this now - but the guidelines say suitable for retriever size?The next size would be too large for warmth though so he has had to adapt! just be careful what size you choose as taking it apart and sending it back could be a pain!


this kennel is excellent! It only took one day for my border collie puppy to sleep in it at night! The postage was good to, only taking 3 days to arrive. i recommend this kennel to everyone!

Dog House Quality

Excellent Quality product at a Bargain price. Similar kennel is on sale in my local Pet Superstore for £125. Highly recommended. We have 2 5 month old Labs who also Love their New Home. My Mother in Law has also bought one as well.

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